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GPS Tracker Leads To Murder Arrest

GPS Tracker Aids Murder Investigation

Real-Time GPS Data Used By LAPD To Bust Murderer

Police are probably more aware of the positives associated with GPS tracking systems than any other type of user of the monitoring technology, and once again, it was through the assistance of real-time GPS data that police in Southern California were able to quickly remove a criminal off the streets.” It was a very good day for law enforcement”, explained one of the leaders of the LAPD after discussing how a GPS tracking bracelet helped police apprehend a violent gang banger who shot and killed a young woman in what police described as a gang-bang drive-by-shooting. After receiving information and some clues about the suspected gunmen, police accessed data from a GPS tracking system that was already in place to monitor the movements of a gang member who was believed to be involved in the crime. When Los Angeles police enforcement investigators reviewed historical data from the GPS bracelet they were able to put the suspect at the scene of the crime. When the murder investigators went to speak with the suspect they were also able to make a positive identification of the vehicle that was driven by the gang bangers during the murder.

Through the use of real-time GPS tracking technology, the LAPD was able to make a swift arrest, putting the gang banger, and some of his accomplices, behind bars for a very long time.

The SilverCloud GPS is another form of real-time tracker that is used frequently by police enforcement agencies to conduct internal and external covert surveillance investigations.