GPS Tracker Makes Murrieta News


Murrieta Patch Publishes Article About SilverCloud

GPS Trackers In Murrieta

murrietaWhen the local residents of Murrieta want to find out what are the hottest places to dine, where to view live entertainment or simply discover what is happening in their local community, they often visit the MurrietaPatch online. The MurrietaPatch is a local newsletter and online publication that discusses everything from what the local city council is doing, school activities and more. The news team focuses on everything going on in the local community, and that is why Tracking System Direct (TSD) was selected to be part of a front page story that discussed the benefits of GPS tracker system technology. The article also gave TSD the opportunity to reveal more information about the release of the new real-time tracking unit, the SilverCloud, and earlier today the story made the front page of the MurrietaPatch, also getting picked up by Google News.

The article about the TSD new real-time GPS tracker that was published online by MurrietaPatch was drafted by a talented writer named Corey Washington. Washington addressed many of the benefits GPS tracking can offer from elderly tracking to business fleet management, but created a strong sense of balance by also pointing out how the technology could be used to infringe on the privacy rights of citizens. In the article, Washington pointed out how a recent ruling in California gave police the ability to utilize vehicle tracking systems without first having to obtain a warrant from a judge, and then followed that up with quotes gathered from an interview with a local resident who expressed their concern over “Big Brother” using technology to observe citizens in a negative way. Washington made it clear that GPS monitoring systems could be used for a variety of positive applications, but also implied that GPS trackers could also be harmful if misused or used maliciously by the user.

Anyone who would like to read the article regarding TSD and the new SilverCloud tracker can CLICK HERE to view the online story in its entirety.

Tracking System Direct would like to thank Washington and the MurrietaPatch for allowing TSD to showcase the many benefits that GPS monitoring can provide, and provide readers/subscribers to the newsletter the ability to learn more about the new SilverCloud tracker.