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GPS Tracker Monitors Suspected Home Burglar


Home Burglary Suspect Arrested

GPS Tracking System Provides Key Evidence

refrigeratorAfter a string of home invasion burglaries left police scratching their heads for a suspect it was a surveillance tool that helped break the case wide open. What police did was place GPS tracking systems on miscellaneous home appliance equipment that was left in homes that were foreclosed on after it was reported someone was stealing appliances throughout the Royal Highlands area. The law enforcement agents working the case made no secret of their intentions, placing bright green stickers on empty homes that stated household items may be monitored via GPS tracking technology. Initially, the sticker plan was to make potential burglars think twice before breaking into a home and stealing items. Unfortunately, the stickers did not scare Michael Lander, but it turned out that a refrigerator he stole was one of the appliances equipped with a real time GPS tracker and that was what put an end to the thievery.

Once police were notified that the refrigerator was stolen, they quickly accessed the real-time GPS tracking data in hopes that it would lead them to the home of the thief. Understanding the importance of quickly moving hot goods, Lander placed the stolen refrigerator on Craigslist for sale, hoping to make a profit and get the stolen appliance out of his hands. Although he successfully moved the refrigerator, the GPS tracking device stored the historical data, providing law enforcement authorities with Lander’s home address.

Lander was arrested for multiple counts of burglary and grand theft after he admitted to not only stealing the refrigerator, but also his involvement in burglarizing 14 additional homes.

Police stated that Lander had sold over 35 appliances on Craigslist within the last month. 

Police GPS trackers are also routinely used in assisting law enforcement with surveillance of criminal activity. 

Source: Tampa Bay Online