GPS Tracker On Breaking Bad

GPS Tracking Key Featured On Hit T.V. Show!

Tracker On Breaking Bad

Call it an example of art imitating life.

One of the most popular shows on the AMC is a television show known as Breaking Bad and what the critically acclaimed television series focused on during a recent episode is the concept of GPS data logger. How the scene that featured the top-selling passive tracker, the GPS Tracking Key, began was with two of the characters sitting in a parked car discussing surveillance. After a brief bit of banter back and fourth, one of the characters pulls out a tiny vehicle tracking unit and explains to the other character that all he has to do is place the tracker onto the automobile they want to follow by using the magnetic mount engineered on the tracking unit, and then when they want to review everywhere that vehicle has been all they have to do is retrieve the GPS car tracker from the vehicle. This is how the two characters begin investigating their suspicions about a suspect they believe is up to no good.

“GPS tracking systems are already frequently used by a variety of law enforcement agencies and private investigation crews”, explained a GPS fleet tracking specialist for TSD. “The Tracking Key has been helping police conduct thorough investigative work for years because of the reliability and simplicity of the GPS system so it is no surprise that the GPS continues to make cameo appearances in a number of television dramas and Hollywood movies. This is not the first time the micro tracker has been on television and it likely won’t be the last.”

Although the characters in breaking bad mentioned in the episode that they purchased the device for $289.00 from a company called SkyMall, the personal tracking system can be purchased at Tracking System Direct for $199.00, including free shipping.