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GPS Tracker On Breaking Bad

GPS Tracking Device On AMC Show Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a critically acclaimed AMC television series that followed the transformation of a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, into a methamphetamine manufacturer. One key aspect of the show was the use of a GPS tracking device that Walter used to keep tabs on his enemies. In this article, we will explore the LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key, the specific GPS tracker that Walter White used in the show, and provide an overview of its features for anyone who is curious about this piece of technology.

The episode “Dead Freight“,  began with two of the characters sitting in a parked car discussing surveillance. After a brief bit of banter back and forth, one of the characters pulls out a tiny vehicle tracking unit. He then explains to the other character that all he has to do is place the GPS car tracker onto the automobile they want to follow by attaching it under the car. Then, when they want to review everywhere that vehicle has been, all they have to do is retrieve the GPS device from the target automobile.

What Was The GPS Tracker Featured On Breaking Bad?

GPS Tracking KeyThe magnetic GPS tracker that was used by Walter White in Breaking Bad was a security product manufactured by LandAirSea called GPS Tracking Key. The police-grade tracking device was a GPS data logger that could be attached underneath a car to record driving activity and coordinates. Unfortunately, LandAirSea stopped manufacturing the GPS Tracking Key in 2016. Here were some of the features of GPS Tracking Key, one of the top-selling GPS data loggers:

  • GPS tracking device with magnetic mount
  • Recorded driving activity and coordinates
  • Historical logging GPS tracking device
  • Used by police and drug enforcement
  • Popular GPS tracker for cars
  • Vehicle electronics and security product
  • Walter White used it on Breaking Bad
  • Mentioned in the “Dead Freight” episode
  • Magnet mount for easy attachment to vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

In Which Breaking Bad Episode Was The GPS Tracking Key Featured?

The GPS Tracking Key was featured in the Breaking Bad episode “Dead Freight”.

Did The Portrayal Of The GPS Device In Breaking Bad Accurately Reflect Its Capabilities In Real Life?

Yes! The GPS Tracking Key’s portrayal in Breaking Bad was generally accurate, although the show did exaggerate some of its features for dramatic effect.

What Is The LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key?

The LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key is a magnetic GPS tracker used for vehicle tracking, live GPS tracking, and historical GPS logging. It’s used by police and drug enforcement and is a popular GPS tracker for cars.

Is The GPS Tracking Key Currently Available For Purchase?

No. The GPS Tracking Key is not available for purchase.

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