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GPS Tracker Saves Life After Snake Bite


Tracking System Saves Man After Snake Bite

GPS System Guides Rescuers

Before going into the wilderness, campers, hikers, and backpackers are all strongly advised to make sure they have the necessary gear to sustain and manage in the environment that they are treading. Outdoor gear that most people feel is a must-have include things such as waterproof matches, toilet paper, flashlight, compass, raincoat, tent stakes, food and more. Although most people generally understand the necessary equipment to bring on an outdoor adventure, many are now going above and beyond the necessary and are adding real-time GPS tracking systems to their gear.

Personal GPS Trackers For Hiking

GPS tracking devices have been utilized by outdoor adventurers more frequently over the past 5 years as the cost for the real time GPS trackers have declined, and the devices have become more designed to handle rough environmental conditions. A GPS tracker can record the location of a camper or hiker in real-time, therefore, if a situation ever occurs where the camper or hiker is in need of assistance they can contact authorities who will then have easy access to their exact location. GPS tracking devices can help prevent people from becoming lost in the wilderness.

Tracking System Saves Man After Snake Bite

GPS tracking devices validated their value again when a 27-year-old man’s life was saved thanks to the help of a GPS tracker. The man who was out camping by himself was boiling a cup of tea when out of nowhere a snake slithered out from the grass and bit the camper in the leg. Understanding the severity of the situation, the man stayed calm and tried not to move as he contacted help and provided authorities with his exact coordinates with the assistance of his GPS tracking device.

After a snake bite, it is critical for the wounded person to stay calm because if they engage in an activity the venom from the snake can spread more quickly. As a person’s heart rate increases so too do the blood flow, spreading the venom throughout the body faster.

The camper was able to easily direct paramedics to his location using the GPS tracking device and was rescued and taken to a hospital before the situation turned fatal.

Source: ABC