GPS Tracker Shipping Rates


FedEx Raising Shipping Costs

Gas prices have surpassed historic highs, and the upward trend is likely to continue. Every single person who fills up at the pump has been feeling the pinch, and now the business world is also feeling the pain of high gas prices.

Tracking System Direct has researched every domestic shipping company in an effort to keep shipping and handling costs at the cheapest rate possible. After receiving numerous quotes, Tracking System Direct discovered that Federal Express was the most affordable and reliable shipping carrier when it came to transporting to online shoppers. Although FedEx continues to offer the most cost-effective shipping rates, the company has modified shipping rates in order to offset the rising fuel costs.

What The FedEx Rate Rise Means To Customers

Tracking System Direct has always made every effort to give online shoppers the most sophisticated GPS trackers at the most cost-effective prices on the Internet. The GPS fleet management company has even combined reliable technology and low prices with promotional offers such as free ground shipping on all orders. However, with the most recent move by FedEx greatly boosting the cost to ship products via Ground, 2nd Day and Next Day delivery, Tracking System Direct has been left with no other option but to modify the current shipping and handling policy.

Starting this week, free FedEx Ground shipping will only be extended on all orders over $200.00, or any order of two or more products. A small monetary increase will also be applied to the cost of 2nd Day and Next Day orders to balance out the rise in shipping costs due to the rise in gas prices.

Tracking System Direct understands that no online shopper, small business or government agency wants to pay more for shipping and handling, and in an effort to keep the financial obligation for surveillance tracking systems low, the Southern California-based vehicle management company has reduced pricing on all GPS data loggers and real-time GPS systems! Now, passive trackers can be purchased for less than $150.00, while real-time trackers can be purchased for less than $300.00. The lower hardware costs, which will stay in effect for the rest of the year, will result in more cost-savings for the online customer. This is something that everyone at Tracking System Direct is excited and proud of.

Consumers and businesses interested in learning more about how tracking systems can reduce their fuel consumption can contact a GPS tracking systems expert 7 days a week.