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GPS Tracker That Works Internationally

GPS Tracking Device For International Travel

Real Time GPS Tracker Works In 200+ Countries!

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  • Track A Vehicle In Nearly Any Country 
  • Keep Your Personal Items Safe From Theft 
  • Increase Personal Safety While Traveling Abroad


Already recognized as one of the top-performing car tracking units on the GPS market, the SpaceHawk GPS tracking system has blown the competition away once again now that the tracker can operate in over 200 countries across the globe. This is the reason the personal GPS tracking device is ideal for international travel. On nearly a daily basis, the list of locations the live GPS tracker will work continues to grow. Initially viewed as a domestic GPS monitoring solution for consumers and businesses located in the United States, the engineers behind the device decided to make the unit more accessible to international clients after the boom in demand for live tracking devices. Today, people in Thailand, Canada, Bosnia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Vietnam, Mexico and other regions all across the planet are now able to take advantage of the tracker voted “Top Performing Live Tracking System” by GPS Tracking Review.

International GPS Tracker App

Think of SpaceHawk tracking as the ultimate vehicle monitoring solution for businesses, consumers, and police agencies. A device versatile enough to capture detailed driving data for any businesses’ fleet management needs, consumers’ personal tracking and theft-recovery needs, and rugged/durable enough to meet and exceed the requirements for police tracking needs. Data from the SpaceHawk tracking unit can be viewed live in real-time as fast as every 3 seconds, but unlike many of the other monitoring devices on the market, this tracking system has affordable and flexible monthly monitoring rates. Therefore, SpaceHawk users won’t have to break the bank to have access to the data essential to business operations or family security.

The evolution of technology products is an endless cycle that is constantly moving in a direction that favors the consumer. When GPS monitoring devices were first released they were often large, bulky devices that were not only expensive but also the antithesis of covert. Over time, GPS tracking systems became smaller and more compact, designed with internal antennas, water-resistant housing, and more. They became more designed with different target audiences in mind from businesses and consumers to government and police agencies. Suddenly, there was a variety of different GPS systems to choose from including sophisticated navigational devices that could offer turn-by-turn directions to GPS trackers that could be used for everything from improving fleet management to lowering a golf score.

International Car GPS Tracking

Unlike other live tracking systems that have expensive hardware costs along with monthly service obligations, this GPS tracking device for international travel and management will offer consumers and businesses a sophisticated solution designed specifically for theft-recovery applications. Basically, a user can place the international GPS tracking device on a piece of equipment, vehicle, or other asset/valuable possession, and if that item is ever stolen or missing it can be instantly located via satellite tracking technology. People who could benefit from this new cost-effective approach to personal asset security include:

  1. Car Dealerships Who Provide Financing
  2. Businesses/Consumers Looking To Enhance Auto Security
  3. Builders Concerned With Theft Of Expensive Appliances In Homes Under Development
  4. Construction Companies Wanting To Safeguard Tools, Equipment & Machinery

The international GPS tracking device takes a more simple approach to auto-theft and personal security by bringing hardware costs down and eliminating month-to-month service obligations.

“We have received a tremendous amount of feedback from people regarding the need for a simple live tracking solution that could be remotely activated over the air in the case of an emergency such as if a car or other piece of valuable property were stolen”, explained a business GPS tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. “We will always take feedback and constructive criticism very seriously in an effort to meet the monitoring needs of all of our customers, and that is why we chose to team up with Chicago-based LandAirSea Systems to develop a solution that will redefine auto and personal security with the international GPS tracking device!

The goal of the SpaceHawk international GPS tracking device was to create a cost-effective live tracking solution that would not result in any monthly service fees for the customer unless they needed to locate the device. The customer or purchaser could hard-wire the GPS system to their vehicle, and if in the unfortunate circumstance that vehicle was ever stolen, the GPS could be activated for a one-time fee and located instantly. Not all businesses and consumers need unlimited continuous updating for vehicle management, and the SilverCloud Locate would be able to meet the needs of those clients who demand a more basic approach to theft-recovery.

With the ability to transmit unlimited location-based information every 10 seconds, pinpoint exact locations, send alerts regarding vehicle movement, and more, it is easy to see why this real-time GPS tracker is a global fleet management solution.

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