GPS Tracker That Works With Mac OS


Flashback GPS Support Mac OS

FlashBackGPSI apologize ahead of time for speaking in first person this article and going on this little rant coming shortly but it is the only way I can effectively express myself. I am a Mac user who converted after every Windows computer I ever had simply pissed me off at some point. Whether it be viruses, pop-ups, Internet Explorer, a computer that takes 10 minutes to boot up or any other number of headaches caused by a Windows computing “solution”, I eventually had to end my relationship with Windows. After transitioning to Mac devices their really is never any going back to Windows. Unless of course you were a business that wanted a passive tracking solution to monitor company vehicles. The reason is because GPS vehicle monitoring companies could never develop a tracker that would effectively pair itself with Mac computers. That meant those who didn’t want to pay monthly fees for live GPS systems were forced to invest in a Windows computer in order to use a passive tracker. The struggle was real for these people, but now relief has come with the latest in dada logging technology with a tracker called Flashback GPS.

What Is Flashback GPS ?

Flashback GPS is a passive tracker that has changed the way people think of data logging. Naturally, the tracker has the most popular features of a passive system such as:

  1. No service fees for tracking
  2. Surface magnet for easy placement on a car
  3. Long battery-life (50 hours)
  4. Stealth design in compact housing

However, Flashback offers something else that almost every other data logging system does not and that is the ability to work with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The Web-Based Solution

One of the biggest issues GPS developers had with passive trackers was software. When a device uses software and can have issues staying compatible with updates, especially updates made with Mac OS. That meant bugs were frequently popping up and why so many engineers simply gave up trying to create software for a passive tracker that would work with Mac OS. That was when designers working on the backend stuff for Flashback came up with a simple solution: make the software web-based!

Flashback GPS users still need to remove the car tracker from the automobile they were tracking in order to access GPS vehicle driving activity but once they do that they will connect the tracker to their Mac or Windows computer via USB port. The data will then be uploaded to a online mapping program that will read the historical tracking data and break it down into a format that is efficient and easy to understand. Tracking data will provide information such as where a driver stopped, how long they were at a stop, total mileage, top speed driven and more.

Having a car GPS tracker that works with Mac OS is no longer a pipe dream for businesses and consumers. Flashback provides the answer to this who want a data logger that functions with all computer systems while at the same time providing accurate, reliable and detailed car tracking information.