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GPS Tracker Used In Austin, TX

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GPS Trackers Help Locate Stolen Property In Austin, TX

Austin Police Solve Theft With GPS

From the time we are young children we are taught that stealing is not acceptable. Apparently, a Texas man named Jose Garcia never got that memo.

Jose Garcia, a man with a previous criminal record for theft, had a warrant issued for his arrest by Austin Police after a GPS tracking system helped authorities determine Garcia trespassed onto a construction site and stole an air conditioning unit. “Theft is a serious issue for builders developing new housing properties because they are often the target of thieves looking to steal anything from stoves to air conditioning units”, explained a fleet management specialist for Tracking System Direct.

“With the increased numbers of theft that some people attribute to the tough economic times that are falling upon everyone, including businesses, many companies have no other option but to utilize real-time tracking systems to offer a theft-recovery option.”

Thankfully, the home builders working on a subdivision in the Sage Meadow community were proactive when they installed live tracking systems to an assortment of appliances often targeted by thieves.

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Once construction crews notified the builder that an air conditioning unit had been stolen from a house in development on Slaughter Lane, the builder activated the live tracker that he had placed inside the A/C unit in case a situation such as this ever did occur. Using a device similar to the live tracking SilverCloud system, the builder was able to quickly identify where the stolen property was, informing local authorities of the position of the stolen property. When police followed the GPS signal being transmitted from the A/C unit they were brought to the residence of a man who had stated he had purchased the cooling system for “really cheap” from a local named Jose Garcia. Already having a previous record for construction theft, the police then issued a warrant for the arrest of Garcia who was also linked to the theft of a stove from a nearby property under development.

Police are still seeking information in regards to the whereabouts of Garcia.

Why Austin Police Are Concerned With Theft

Although some people may think theft is really not that serious of an issue, it is important to note that this type of theft (construction theft) can have much more dangerous consequences. For example, there have been a number of documented cases where thieves broke into homes still in the development process and stole items such as gas stoves. The only problem is that the gas was not shut off when the stoves were stolen, resulting in massive explosions that have destroyed not only those homes under development but surrounding facilities. Bystanders and neighbors have actually died from situations like this, bringing attention to just how serious the issue of construction theft really is.