GPS Tracker Used In Robbery

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GPS Tracker Used In Criminal Act

Denver Gang Pulls Robbery Stunt In Movie-Style Fashion

2D3DviewWell-plotted robberies and kidnappings are usually things only scripted in Hollywood movies, but when a Denver gang turned to a technological tool known as a GPS tracker to help them in their criminal endeavors, Denver Police found themselves investigating a case that seemed more tinsel town than real life.

Killiu Ford, Augustus Sanford and Tracy Morgan (Not the funny actor on 30 Rock) were three local gang members all known to be involved drug-related activity throughout the Denver area, according to local police. However, after conspiring together to rob a local cocaine drug trafficker, they went from small-time criminals to hardcore felons. What the gang members did was create a set-up to purchase cocaine from a local drug dealer in the area who had a reputation for having significant amounts of cash and drugs. When they purchased a small amount of cocaine from the man, one of the gang members placed a GPS vehicle tracking system on the drug trafficker’s car. Over the course of the next few weeks, the criminals observed and analyzed the GPS tracking data to uncover where the drug trafficker lived and what some of his driving activity behaviors were. With the information obtained from the GPS personal tracking system, the criminals developed a plot to rob the drug trafficker.

After making contact with a local police officer’s son, the gang members traded a small amount of marijuana for the uniform of the Denver law enforcement officer’s uniform, which the son stole from his father. What happened next was the gang members, who with guns drawn announced that they were peace officers, ambushed the drug trafficker while he and his wife were getting into their vehicle to leave a suburban home of an acquaintance. While the drug trafficker and his wife were putting their children into their car seats, the gang members approached with handguns, blindfolded the drug trafficker and kidnapped his family, forcing them to drive to the families’ home.

When the gang members arrived at the home of the drug trafficker, they ransacked the house in an attempt to look for drugs and money. When they were unsuccessful in their search, they demanded the wife show them where the drugs and cash were located. The woman’s first response was one of confusion and unknowing, but when a gang member pulled a gun and pointed the firearm at the head of the woman’s daughter, she quickly showed the men where approximately $30,000 in cash was stored.

All three of the criminals involved in the case were indicted on 8 separate charges of robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy and federal gun violation laws. The men each face a possible life-time sentence in jail.

Police authorities did not state whether the GPS tracker used in the criminal act was a passive device such as the GPS Tracking Key Pro, or a live tracking unit such as the SilverCloud GPS.

Source: Reuters