Hidden GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fee

Efficiency is more than a word in the businesses world. This is because businesses that have protocols and procedures in place can maximize profit through increased efficiency. But for service-based businesses with delivery vehicles the word efficiency also means automotive efficiency. Route management, vehicle security, mileage documentation, and simply knowing where drivers are located throughout the day is critical toward automotive efficiency. Real time GPS tracking devices have solved many of these challenges, but for small businesses the monthly data costs associated with live GPS tracking can be too much. This is the reason why more companies are calling upon GPS trackers with no subscription fees. 

hidden gps tracker for car

What Is A No Subscription GPS Tracker?

No subscription GPS trackers are also known as GPS data loggers. GPS data loggers are basically receivers that acquire GPS signals from space to determine where a vehicle is located, how fast it is moving, and more. All of this information can provide where a vehicle has been, the duration of time it was at each location, the maximum speed drive throughout the day, and a number of other data points that can help a business have a better understanding of what a company vehicle is doing while out in the field. The best part is that since GPS data loggers do not require SIM cards, Internet connection, or WiFi they can work anywhere on the planet! Other benefits of GPS data loggers include:

  • GPS data loggers record position every second
  • Global footprint 
  • Longer battery-life than most real time GPS trackers 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Surface magnet mount for covert placement 

No Subscription GPS Tracker For Business Vehicles

Although no subscription GPS data loggers do not have the ability to provide live updates, making them useless in theft-recovery applications, the devices are still a valuable solution when it comes to monitoring business vehicles. Especially, business vehicles of small businesses. The reason is because the technology is perfect for determining if an employee is taking a business vehicle to places they should not be going, making sure drivers are not driving at dangerous rates of speed, and more. In fact, there are documented cases where data from a GPS tracker with no subscription fees was used as evidence to prove a driver was not speeding in a company vehicle when an accusation was made suggesting speed was the cause of a motor vehicle accident. 

What Is The Best Car Tracking Device With No Monthly Fee?

Once a company determines that a GPS tracker with no subscription is the best solution for their business the next question that follows is, “What is the best car tracking device with no monthly fee?”. According to online reviews from both Amazon and GPS tracking review websites the best GPS data logger is a device known as the PlayBack GPS. 

GPS Tracker No SubscriptionPlayBack GPS is the smallest GPS tracker for car, truck or asset on the market when it comes to a GPS tracker with no subscription fees. However, the compact size of PlayBack GPS is simply one of the many cool features the surveillance tool offers. Other popular features include the extended battery-life of the device (PlayBack GPS has the longest battery-life of any data logger), detailed driving reports, waterproof design, and user-friendly online software. The GPS tracker without sim card allows any business to know where their vehicles have been and how long they were at a location, making the hidden GPS tracker ideal for companies seeking to boost automotive efficiency. 

PowerBuilt-in Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions (WxLxD)1.5 x 3.8 x 1.3″ / 3.8 x 9.7 x 3.3 cm
WeightLess than 1.0 lb / 0.5 kg

For those who want more info on the PlayBack GPS tracker please click here.

Detect GPS Tracker In Car 

GPS trackers with no subscription fees are great because they do not require data plans or SIM cards, but another fun fact is that the hidden GPS trackers can not be detected by bug sweepers! That is right! Since GPS data loggers do not transmit data like real time GPS trackers do they can not be detected by someone trying to find a GPS tracking device on a car using a traditional bug sweeper. This is a really cool advantage for businesses who believe an employee might try to disable vehicle GPS tracking or detect the device with a GPS tracker detector app or bug sweeper. 

GPS Tracker No SubscriptionShortcomings Of GPS Trackers Without Subscriptions 

GPS tracking devices with no subscription or monthly fees are great when a business has continuous access to a company car or asset. But what happens when that company vehicle is stolen? Or what if there is an emergency and a driver needs immediate assistance? Unfortunately, no monthly fee GPS trackers have some shortcomings, especially when it comes to theft-protection. For example, if a GPS data logger was equipped to a company vehicle, and that vehicle then was stolen, the no monthly fee GPS tracker would have zero ability to transmit live location. Another shortcoming is the absence of a panic button feature which are now designed on many of the real time GPS tracking systems. This panic button is a great tool for businesses with security guards or delivery vehicles that haul expensive equipment because if a person or driver ever feels threatened they can instantly call out for assistance. 

No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker For Businesses

Businesses researching the different types fo vehicle management solutions should take a close look at both real time GPS trackers and GPS data loggers. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but more importantly, both can really help a business boost efficiency on many different levels. There is no denying that through the use of a GPS tracker without subscription or with subscription that the technology will assist in enhancing  fleet tracking for any small business!