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The one thing almost every American has done at one time or another is taking a ride inside of a taxi cab to get from point A to point B. Although the iconic yellow cab is typically most associated with large metropolitan cities such as New York City, nearly every place in America offers some form of taxi transportation service for those needing a ride to the airport, a safe escort back from a night of indulgence or any other variety of reasons. Although taxi cab companies are usually very efficient in responding and assisting to customer calls, successfully organizing and monitoring a large fleet of taxi cabs can be a very challenging process for even the most seasoned cab companies. This is because networking with multiple drivers operating in the field, knowing the exact location of where each driver is, identifying whether an employee driver is safely operating company mobile assets, and gaining access to historical driving activity is not a simple task for those not taking advantage of technological surveillance tools that are now available to specifically assist companies with fleet tracking needs. However, through the combined use of GPS navigation and tracking technologies, overseeing and managing the largest fleet of taxi cabs has become a much more simple task.

GPS Systems: Why They Work For Taxi Companies

Navigation Devices: GPS navigational systems help all motorists identify the shortest routes to their intended destination, while also accessing real-time driving information related to traffic conditions. Most cab drivers are known for their unique ability to recall location and directional information with relative ease, but having a tool that utilizes satellite positioning is always great to have as a backup plan.

GPS Tracking Systems: Having instant access and access to historical driving information can help cab companies recognize a variety of things that can be crucial to the successful continuation of business operations. For example, through the use of vehicle tracking data a cab company can determine whether a driver is using or misusing company mobile assets, gauge how long it takes for a driver to meet a customer from the moment the customer places a phone call into dispatch, recognize unsafe driving practices such as speeding and a wealth of other driving and geolocational information.

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Public Tracking Interface: Customer Service Goes High-Tech

The concept of public tracking is a new one that will likely revolutionize the way people access the location of transportation vehicles such as taxi cabs in the near future. Already available to those utilizing SilverCloud GPS technology, public tracking provides a portal for anyone to gain instant access to the vehicle they are in search of. How public tracking can help taxi cab companies and other transportation agencies is by allowing the customer to have immediate and continuous access to the vehicle that is scheduled to pick them up. We have all been in the position where we contact a cab company and every time a yellow taxi passes us by we wonder if that particular cab is the one designated to pick us up. Public tracking takes away the guesswork by giving the user the ability to track the exact location of their taxi via computer or mobile phone.

How public tracking can boost customer service is simple. The rider would call dispatch and inform them that they need a cab to pick them up at a particular time and destination. The dispatch would then provide a verbal identification number of the cab that would be picking them up, also sending the information via email and or text message. With this unique identification information, the soon-to-be passenger could go to the website of the taxi cab company and follow everywhere their cab is moving, allowing them to get a more accurate estimated time of arrival. Not only does the data from the GPS tracker helps keep the customer in-the-know, but it also helps establish a brand and enhanced customer service.

Through the combined use of navigation and GPS tracking technology cab companies are becoming more advanced, and that will result in better service for all riders moving forward.

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