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GPS Trackers For Childrens Hospital Shuttles

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Managing Shuttles With GPS Tracking

2016 has basically been a year of political divide with republicans attacking Hilary Clinton over emails and democrats laughing at the notion that a clown such as Donald Trump is the best thing the conservatives could put up to go against Clinton in the election. The country has been quite divided this election year but one area where common ground can be found among liberals and conservatives is with the topic of children’s hospitals. If there is one thing people can agree upon its that children deserve the best care available and they shouldn’t have to suffer. And those that operate children’s hospitals understand that it’s not only about helping kids but parents of sick children as well. This is the reason why so many children’s hospitals focus on strategies to be as efficient as possible. Efficiency can reduce stress and that can be huge in the health care environment, and this is the reason why so many children’s hospitals are now using GPS vehicle trackers to monitor shuttles and buses that transport patients and families.


Children’s hospitals across the nation can benefit from GPS shuttle tracking technology for an assortment of reasons. That is exactly what a Nation Wide Children’s Hospital in Ohio learned when they began researching the positives of real-time vehicle management systems. A representative for Nationwide Children’s Hospital explained that the company, which employs over 10,000 people, was seeking a solution to make sure shuttle stops were not being missed and that stops were arriving/departing on schedule. “We wanted to utilize a vehicle management solution that would allow us to observe where our drivers were located 24/7, audit the stops they made and have all that information time-stamped”, explained a transportation manager for the children’s hospital. “The plan from the start was to have a system in place that would allow us to more accurately investigate claims of stops that were missed, while also giving us a comprehensive and detailed approach to accounting mileage, protecting vehicle assets and making certain drivers were adhering to safe driving practices.”

How Live Shuttle Tracking Works

A piece of vehicle monitoring hardware is placed in a automobile or in multiple automobiles. This real time GPS hardware pulls power from the vehicle through the car’s OBDii port. This port not only provides a simple outlet for power but it also gives the tracker access to a diagnostic port that can allow the GPS to provide data related to harsh breaking and vehicle idling. Tracking data is then housed online where the user can view both live and historical driving activity from their cell phone, computer or iPad. As long as the auto tracker is in cellular coverage the device can transmit data in real-time.

Children’s hospitals across the globe do terrific, self-less work, and therefore it is important that they have all the tools available to assist them with that work. GPS child tracking technology is one of those tools that can help boost efficiency, enhance automotive security and provide a complete management solution for vehicles. And that’s something that can be good for everyone.