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Many people probably have some understanding on what dementia is, but most people have no idea the impact the degenerate and debilitating disease has on families and those suffering. Dementia can not only be extremely scary for those who personally have to deal with the illness, but even those family members who find themselves in the position of having to care for their elderly loved ones. The battle is day-to-day, with some days being good and others being bad, but when the bad days do arrive they can be intense and scary. Tracking System Direct believes that it is important for people to get even a small glimpse of the impact dementia can have on family members in an effort that we can all better understand what exactly so many families have to go through on a daily basis. With someone somewhere in the world being diagnosed with dementia every 7 seconds, more needs to be done for us to understand and solve the mystery surrounding this disease that there is no cure for.

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One of the scariest things that families who have someone with dementia face is their loved one wandering away or becoming lost. As depicted in the above video, the elderly Asian woman who appeared in control while she was shopping for some food for her granddaughter quickly and inexplicably became confused and disoriented after she purchased some chicken from a local market. Unable to recognize where she was, the elderly woman began begging strangers to take her home so she could feed her granddaughter. As day became night, the elderly woman’s family quickly realized something was wrong and began frantically searching for their missing loved one. Although in the movie the family was able to locate the wandering grandmother who was randomly wandering near highly trafficked public streets, in real life many families are not so quick to find a missing family member. In real life people suffering from dementia sometimes are not found for hours, days or even weeks! Although technology has not brought us a cure for the terrible disease it has brought us GPS tracking and vehicle tracking technology that can at the very least help families locate and find those who are wandering.

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The panic and anxiety people feel when they are in a frantically trying to find a missing loved one is almost unbearable, and the video does do a good job of relaying that message. However, it is because of this fear that so many families have experienced that people are turning to real-time tracking devices such as the SilverCloud GPS to help families quickly and safely find a elderly loved one who has gone missing (Elderly tracking). Those who have knowledge that their elderly family members are showing signs of dementia or other memory-related illnesses can use hard-wire cables to permanently install a live GPS tracking unit to the senior’s vehicle, and the tracker can then be used to send out alerts and location-based data. The GPS data is displayed over a web-based application or via smart phone, making it easy to locate a missing family member.

GPS tracking systems can also be used as portable devices that elderly people suffering from dementia can keep in their pockets.

If you or someone you know would like more information on dementia please feel free to visit the Alzheimer’s Association website or contact them directly. For those interested in learning more about real-time monitoring technology Tracking System Direct is available seven days a week to provide answers about the benefits of GPS.