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GPS Trackers For Police Cruisers

Real Time GPS Improves Officer Safety

GPS Trackers For Police Patrol Cars

patrol_carPolice officers are the enforcers of the law, and therefore they need every possible tool to enhance personal safety. The security products that are staples for police are bulletproof vests, guns, radar equipment and of course the squad cars they use for patrol, but police cruisers and police GPS fleet tracking efficiency has been taken to the next level of modernization thanks to the help of GPS tracking devices such as the SilverCloud.

Real-time GPS tracking technology can assist police in a number of different ways from surveillance to improved safety. For example, police can attach a GPS tracker to the vehicle of a suspected arsonist, drug trafficker or dangerous felon to gather information. In years past, a uniformed officer had to personally follow and document the activity of criminal suspects, but now with the help of GPS tracking units, police can simply view all activity safely and remotely from a personal computer which will showcase GPS data over detailed mapping programs such as Google Earth. Although GPS units can assist police in a number of covert operations, the way they most help law enforcement is by boosting the overall efficiency of squad car technology.

According to an Oklahoma County Sheriff who has his entire fleet equipped with live GPS trackers similar to the SilverCloud, “Using the tracking [systems] on the county’s fleet of patrol cars and other vehicles [has helped] save money, increase efficiency and safety, especially during pursuits.” The Oklahoma lawman also explained that the car tracking systems are most advantageous during high-speed pursuits because a dispatcher can monitor where a patrol car involved in a chase is and radio the directional information to other officer’s in the field.

Government agencies who specialize in anti-terrorism and homeland security also have been relying on GPS tracker tools to help assist in improving homeland safety.

Government and police agencies interested in learning more about how GPS tracking system technology can improve officer safety and covert operations can contact Tracking System Direct seven (7) DAYS A WEEK for more information.

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