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bus-fleetAlmost everybody takes for granted the services school districts provide to make certain every student has a way to achieve a higher education. Every single day, school buses all across the nation make millions of stops to not only pickup children and teens for school, but also to take them to a location near their home when school has ended. The service school buses provide results in nearly half a million buses nation wide taking approximately 26 million students to class every single day! That also means school bus drivers are left with ensuring the safety of nearly 26 million students. Although many school districts have solid records when it comes to bus driving safety, many parent still wonder the method in which schools audit and check the driving habits of bus drivers. Many parents would also like a way to view the location of buses in operation that are carrying their children to and from school over a publicly accessible mapping program. Thankfully, real-time GPS tracking solutions are providing the solution to both problems!

Real-Time GPS Tracking Offers Real-Time Answers

GPS tracking systems have long been viewed as the universal fleet and vehicle management tools for businesses operating all across the globe. However, the tracking systems have never really made the jump to public safety applications until recently. This is because school districts can now easily see the many benefits that real-time monitoring offers students, parents and district officials.These benefits include:

  1. Easy Mileage Documentation to Help Estimate Repair & Tune-up Times
  2. Live Access to the Location of Any Vehicle
  3. Instant Alerts That Will Record When a Bus Arrives/Departs From School
  4. Speed Alerts to Monitor & Document Bus Driver Activity

Another great thing that many experts believe will soon be the norm in regards to GPS tracking and viewing is the concept of public tracking. Public tracking essentially refers to anyone having the ability to know when and where a taxi cab, bus, airport shuttle or some other vehicle is at anytime via access to a online mapping program that is accessible to anyone (the general public). This would be particularly helpful for parents who have children who ride the bus because they would be able to know the exact moment their child is picked up from the bus stop to the second they arrive/depart from school.

GPS trackers most associated with school bus monitoring are live tracking solutions such as the SilverCloud GPS tracker.

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