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GPS Trackers For Vending Machines

Are your vending machines being targeted by thieves? If so, it might be time to take additional measures to protect your money-making assets with GPS trackers. In fact, the same real time GPS trackers used to repo cars can now be employed to track down vending machines that are stolen. Simply attach the waterproof live GPS tracker to the food or soda vending machine and then you can instantly track it 24/7!

GPS Asset Tracker

  • Wireless GPS Tracker With Magnet Mount
  • Easily Hide On Any Vending Machine 
  • Make Sure Your Property Is Safe


Vending Machine Theft Prevention

Many businesses all across the globe have to deal with the problem of inventory theft. Supply businesses, transport companies, and many other enterprises rely on goods, and when theft strikes it can hamper operations and many times the bottom line. Nobody understood this pain more than Andrew Widdowson, the owner of a business that supplies vending machines. This is because Widdowson already had his warehouse which stored his vending machines and other business goods targeted by thieves three times in the span of 180 days. Annoyed with being a constant target of thieves, Widdowson took action by hiding a GPS tracking device inside a box containing Kit Kats. The result was a chocolatey good arrest of two thieves thanks to a live GPS monitoring unit.

Looking to bust the thieves who had already targeted his facility multiple times, Widdowson invested in a real-time GPS tracking system and hid the live GPS unit in a box containing Kit Kat bars. The real-time GPS would report locational data 24/7 and even came with a feature that would alert Widdowson the very second the box of Kit Kat bars was moved. The plan worked perfectly after the thieves hit Widdowson’s warehouse a fourth time, stealing a variety of goods as well as the Kit Kat box housing the live GPS device. The live GPS system reported that the stolen goods were in West Midlands.

The GPS asset traker provided locational data that was accurate within 2.5 meters, making it easy for Widdowson to guide local police to the stolen goods. Widdowson simply logged on to the web-based monitoring platform, pulled up the locational data of the live GPS, and then gave the information to West Midlands police who not only retrieved the stolen goods but also arrested two men for their involvement in the theft.

GPS trackers for business applications related to both fleet vehicle management and anti-theft safety cost around $189 and have no subscription fees for the first year.

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