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GPS Trackers For Vending Machines

GPS Trackers For Vending Machines – Protect Your Snack and Beverage Vending Machines

Are your vending machines being targeted by thieves? If so, it might be time to take additional measures to protect your money-making assets with GPS trackers. The truth is, vending machine theft costs businesses millions of dollars each year. So yeah, it is a real problem. In fact, the same real time GPS trackers used to repo cars can now be employed to track down vending machines that are stolen. Simply attach the waterproof live GPS tracker to the food or soda vending machine and then you can instantly track it 24/7!

Best GPS Asset Tracker For Vending Machine Security

GPS Asset Tracker

  • Wireless GPS Tracker With Magnet Mount
  • Easily Hide On Any Vending Machine 
  • Make Sure Your Property Is Safe


With a 3-year battery life, the vending machine GPS asset tracker makes it easy for you to secure your food and beverage machines from theft. Let us explain! First of all, the asset tracking device is small, portable, and weatherproof. This makes it  perfect as a hidden GPS tracker. Secondly, the tracking device updates every 4 hours, allowing you to stay connected to your vending machines. But most importantly, this GPS tracker will alert you the very moment your vending machine is moved. Yes, with geofencing, you can always stay in touch with your food and beverage machines!

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9 Simple Tips For Protecting Your Vending Machines From Theft

Are you concerned about safeguarding your vending machines from theft? Of course, you are! And you should be! Implementing some simple security measures can help ensure the protection of your valuable assets. Here are some 9 effective tips for protecting your vending machines from theft:

  1. Choose strategic locations. Place your vending machines in well-lit, high-traffic areas to deter potential thieves.
    Install surveillance cameras: Install visible security cameras near your vending machines to discourage theft and capture evidence if an incident occurs.
  2. Use sturdy locks and tamper-resistant features. Invest in high-quality locks and tamper-resistant mechanisms to make it more challenging for thieves to access your vending machines.
  3. Implement alarm systems. Install alarm systems that are triggered by unauthorized access or movement, alerting you and nearby individuals to potential theft attempts.
  4. Conduct regular maintenance checks. Routinely inspect your vending machines for signs of tampering or damage, and address any issues promptly.
  5. Encourage customer vigilance. Display signage encouraging customers to report suspicious activity or tampering to promote a sense of community vigilance.
  6. Utilize GPS trackers. Attach wireless GPS trackers to your vending machines to enable real-time tracking and recovery in case of theft.
  7. Secure cash collection. Implement secure cash-handling procedures, such as using tamper-proof cash boxes and regularly emptying them to minimize the amount of cash left in the machines.
  8. Build strong vendor relationships. Establish good relationships with local vendors and suppliers who can alert you to any suspicious or unauthorized attempts to access your vending machines.
  9. Educate employees. Train your employees to be vigilant and proactive in reporting any unusual activity or tampering they observe near the vending machines.

By following these tips, you can significantly enhance the security of your vending machines and minimize the risk of theft, ensuring the continued success of your business

Vending Machine Theft Prevention In Midland

Inventory theft is a common problem faced by businesses worldwide, causing operational disruptions and financial losses. One business owner who experienced this firsthand was Andrew Widdowson, the owner of a vending machine supply company. Over a span of 180 days, Widdowson’s warehouse, housing vending machines and other goods, was targeted by thieves three times.

Fed up with being a constant target, Widdowson devised a clever plan. He hid a GPS tracking device inside a box of Kit Kats, hoping to catch the culprits in the act. Investing in a real-time GPS tracking system, he concealed the live GPS unit within the Kit Kat box. This GPS device provided continuous location data and even sent instant alerts whenever the box was moved.

The plan worked perfectly when the thieves struck Widdowson’s warehouse for the fourth time, stealing a variety of goods along with the Kit Kat box containing the live GPS device. Utilizing the live GPS system, Widdowson discovered that the stolen goods were located in West Midlands.

With location data accurate within 2.5 meters, Widdowson promptly provided the information to the Midland police. Using a web-based monitoring platform, he guided the authorities to the exact location of the stolen goods. As a result, not only were the stolen items recovered, but also two individuals were apprehended for their involvement in the theft.

The effectiveness of GPS trackers for preventing theft extends beyond vending machines. These trackers, which cost around $229, are suitable for various business applications such as fleet vehicle management. Additionally, they come with the added benefit of no subscription fees for the first year.

GPS Trackers For Vending Machines – Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific security measures I can take to protect my vending machines from theft?

Yes, there are several effective security measures you can implement. These include choosing strategic locations, installing surveillance cameras, using sturdy locks and tamper-resistant features, implementing alarm systems, conducting regular maintenance checks, and utilizing GPS trackers.

Do surveillance cameras really deter theft around vending machines?

Yes, installing visible surveillance cameras near your vending machines can act as a deterrent for potential thieves. The presence of cameras increases the risk of being caught, making criminals think twice before attempting to steal from your machines.

Can GPS trackers help in recovering stolen vending machines?

Absolutely! By attaching GPS trackers to your vending machines, you can track their real-time location and increase the chances of recovering stolen machines. This technology enables you to monitor their movements, making it easier to notify authorities and retrieve your assets promptly.

Should I invest in tamper-resistant locks and mechanisms for my food and beverage machines?

Yes, investing in high-quality locks and tamper-resistant features is highly recommended. Why? These mechanisms make it more challenging for thieves to gain unauthorized access to your vending machines, reducing the risk of theft and vandalism.

How important is regular maintenance for vending machine security?

Regular maintenance checks are vital for vending machine security. By routinely inspecting your machines, you can identify any signs of tampering or damage, ensuring they remain in optimal working condition and minimizing the risk of theft. Additionally, prompt maintenance helps address any security vulnerabilities that may arise.

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