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Former Kent State University Professor In Jail

GPS tracking devices are commonly used by police enforcement agencies to track criminals. Unfortunately, sometimes a criminal can bypass the tracking technology as was the case with an ex-Kent State University faculty member who was under investigation for trying to have sex with a teen boy and therefore making a last-ditch effort to leave the country in order to avoid jail. Thankfully, the Ohio man was apprehended at the Canadian border and now awaits prosecution for his criminal activity.

The man involved in the incident, Willie Harrell, was booked and arrested for trying to flee prosecution on top of the original offense that got him in trouble with the law in the first place. According to the news website, Harrell is accused of arranging a meeting with a 15-year-old male in an elementary school parking lot with the intention of having sex with the minor. After the arrest, Harrell was released on a $25,000 bond and had no supervision conditions as part of his release.

GPS auto tracking devices are commonly used as a supervision tool by police agencies for high-risk and even moderate-risk offenders. The tracking technology gives police the ability to see where a person out on bail or parole is located in real-time 24/7.

Harrell met the teenage boy online.

Harrell clearly understood prosecutors had a solid case against him and therefore made the choice to flee the country by crossing the border between Detroit and Ontario. When stopped by Canadian officials Harrell explained that he was fleeing the United States to avoid potential prison time for the crimes he was accused of committing. Harrell took things even one step further in his by equipping his vehicle with a device that would block any auto tracking device potentially on his car from sending out tracking data. Often times police will covertly place a car tracker on a suspect’s vehicle to monitor their travel activity.

Police did not provide any details on whether an auto-tracking unit was equipped for the vehicle being operated by Harrell at the time of his arrest at the Canadian border.

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