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GPS Trackers In Israel

Israeli Vehicle Tracking System

How GPS Tracking Can Assist Israeli Military

The geopolitical conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas has been dominating the recent news headlines. In short, after constant bombardment from rockets fired by Hamas terrorists into Israel, the Israeli intelligence found that the terrorist group was using a network of sophisticated tunnels to move weapons and assist in attacks. These tunnels became the strategic advantage Hamas had in attacking innocent Israeli citizens, and therefore the Israeli government felt it was necessary to develop a plan to both find and destroy these tunnels. After sending ground troops into Gaza to locate and eradicate the tunnel networks, it now appears that the conflict is nearing its temporary end, which is something Israel, the Palestinian people and governments across the world can feel relieved about. However, Israel is sadly no stranger to conflict and attack by Muslim extremists and it is likely not if, but when Hamas will regroup to continue its assault on the Israeli people. Although the conflict in the Middle East is complicated and deep, Israel may find an ally in a technology commonly used in the United States to help improve fleet management strategy. This technology is GPS tracking system technology and it could play a key role in reducing terrorist attacks.

Israel GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are small devices that report locational data in a comprehensive and detailed fashion. This real-time tracking technology is commonly used for surveillance applications such as car tracking. When placed on a car, a GPS tracking system will document every spot a driver goes, the length of time the driver was at that spot and more. The GPS tracking systems also are engineered with the ability to communicate via an alert (geo-fence & speed).

How Israel Can Benefit From GPS Tracking

Israel is a nation roughly the size of the state of New Jersey, but it faces a number of very unique challenges due to its proximity to countries such as Syria, Iran, and Egypt, countries that have publicly announced their refusal to accept a Jewish state. What this results in is numerous terrorist plots and attacks being inflicted upon the Jewish nation. Therefore, Israel has to allocate numerous resources to defend itself, making GPS tracking technology advantageous in this very critical area of national security.

GPS police tracking systems are designed with covert monitoring applications in mind, which is exactly how Israel could benefit from the technology. How law enforcement and military could use GPS is by tracking the vehicles of people they suspect are engaging in terrorist activities. Through the process of car tracking the Israelis would be able to determine who a potential terrorist is associating with, what locations they travel and more. This information may even be helpful in finding terrorist training camps or high ranking Hamas officials wanted by Israel.

Government use of surveillance technology is certainly intended to enhance national security and there are not many other nations in the world more concerned with national security than Israel. Therefore, employing a strategy that utilizes GPS vehicle tracking could be significantly influential in boosting security as well as helping the government bring terrorists to justice.


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