GPS Trackers In Louisville Kentucky


Carroll County Sheriffs Recover Vehicle With GPS Tracker

Police always advise motorists to take simple measures to help keep their automobiles defended from possible car thieves. These measures are fairly obvious steps such as keeping the windows rolled up while the vehicle is parked and always locking doors when leaving a vehicle unattended. The small measures are helpful in increasing automotive security but sometimes they won’t deter a criminal who is hell-bent on stealing an automobile. This is when GPS tracking systems are often employed to boost auto-security, and recently in Louisville, it was a GPS vehicle tracking device that was the instrumental piece that led Carroll County Sheriff officials to a stolen van.

What police records show occurred on Tuesday, April 2nd is that the main person in charge at Valley Medical Transportation phoned authorities to inform them that one of his vans had been stolen. However, this particular stolen van held one surprise that the car thieves certainly failed to think about: GPS monitoring. The moment the van was moved without authorization a real-time tracker device equipped to the vehicle alerted the owner of the automobile who quickly relayed the information to Carroll County Sheriffs. In fact, he was able to provide locational data to authorities with pinpoint accuracy as the theft was happening! Police tracked the stolen van to a parking lot where two suspects, John Payton and Kevin Murphy, were promptly arrested.

The owner of the van was relieved that not only his work vehicle was recovered but also all of the property inside of the vehicle that was valued at over $30,000.

After reviewing vehicle inventory, an employee for Valley Medical Transportation was startled to notice that another one of the company vehicles was also stolen. The data from the tracker device in the second stolen van was also relayed to police authorities where Kentucky State Police were able to safely recover the property in the city of Pendleton.