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GPS Trackers In Monroe Tennessee

Monroe Tennessee GPS Tracker

Monroe School Buses Equipped With GPS Tracking

Student safety is always a top concern of school districts all across the United States. Another concern for school districts is bus fleet management, especially considering the recent rise in fuel costs. Looking at the different options to not only increase student safety and school bus management, but school officials have also chosen to move forward with a plan to equip several buses in Monroe County Tennessee with GPS vehicle tracking systems.

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Bus Vehicle Trackers In Monroe County

GPS tracking system technology for bus fleet management has become easier to use and more affordable over the past decade, making real-time monitoring a feasible solution for school districts walking a tightrope of budgetary flexibility. What bus GPS tracking systems provide is a comprehensive amount of measurements and reports related to bus driving activity. This can include total mileage driven, data regarding vehicle idling, and alerts if a bus driver is engaging in dangerous driving practices. Not to mention, the real-time tracking data can be accessed 24-7, giving school bus officials the ability to instantly view where students are being picked up and dropped off throughout the day.

Currently, Monroe is going through a testing process of the bus tracking systems in 10 district buses. The GPS tracking systems will even have the capability to transmit an alert if a bus is experiencing any mechanical issues. The GPS fleet tracking initiative is something that school officials believe will instantly benefit both students and the school district.

When asked about the new program that will equip school buses with GPS tracking systems, Charles Underwood, a representative for Monroe County schools, stated the safety aspect alone makes the vehicle management technology a noble investment. Knowing where buses are moving, if they are operating without mechanical issues, and where they are traveling at all times of the day is important in asset management.

Do you think the investment in GPS tracking systems is a good or bad decision among the Monroe County schools?

Should all school districts employ bus tracking devices to improve student safety?

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