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Vehicle Accident Spotlights Elderly Driving Dangers

Elderly drivers are considered one of the groups of motorists (along with teenage drivers) that are the most high-risk. This is because as we move into the golden years our cognitive abilities and reflexes can become slower. Our memories can begin to fail us, our comprehension of traffic laws could become murky but most alarming is with old age we can fail to observe our surroundings with detail. Sadly, this was the case earlier this year of an Oakmont, California woman whose poor driving resulted in the serious injury of one person and the death of another.

Driving on medication and below the legal limit of alcohol, Gayle Gray, 77, drove into two pedestrians, leaving one of them dead. Gray has been very sympathetic over the situation and was on record stating she felt so terrible for the victim’s families that she decided to plead no contest to the charges. The charges she will plead no contest to are felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated as well as driving under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol.

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The accident occurred at an Oakmont, California shopping center in January of this year. The two injured parties were leaving a dry cleaning business and walking on the sidewalk. Gray recognized that the two women were on the sidewalk and she was getting closer to them but when she tried to hit the brakes she accidentally pressed on the vehicle’s accelerator. The two pedestrians were hit by the car, thrown onto the hood of the vehicle and carried approximately 20 feet before they were tossed onto the concrete.

Although the events that occurred in Oakmont, California were indeed tragic, sadly situations such as that occur every single day. This is because when an elderly person drives they can be a danger to themselves and other motorists if their driving habits are not being observed. This is one of the reasons that many families are equipping GPS tracking systems on the automobile’s operated by senior loved ones. The GPS monitoring systems are great security tools because they offer a family member the ability to monitor an elderly driver 24/7 and in real-time. With this tracking information, they can then better understand the driving habits if that elderly loved one, making it easy to know if they should be driving or put their keys away.

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