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Police departments all across the United Stated are very familiar with the benefits of using GPS monitoring systems to conduct investigations upon criminal suspects, but only a handful of these departments also utilize GPS for fleet tracking of police cruisers. Whether it be political or simple budgetary reasons, many police departments do not have a GPS vehicle management plan that allows superior officers to oversee total police fleet activity. However, Nicola Park in the state of Oklahoma wants to change that by equipping the same tracker devices used in Oklahoma City Police Department squad cars in the police cruisers in their small town.

Nicoma Park police began seriously discussing investment in GPS monitoring systems after an incident occurred where a Choctaw police cruiser was stolen and taken for a joyride by a man named Josh Colley. Although Colley was eventually apprehended, investigators stated their growing concern over criminals targeting police cruisers to steal weaponry and other police electronic equipment. In fact, one retired police officer was on record stating that he has actually seen a rise in police vehicle theft and worries that this type of automotive theft will only continue to grow unless police begin seriously looking at GPS tracking systems as a auto-security and vehicle management solution.

Advocates for tracker systems in police cruisers explain that the devices will not only improve officer safety, but also reduce routing inefficiencies and better detail vehicle maintenance documentation. In the long term, many believe that the increase in vehicle maintenance and officer productivity will actually save the department money. However, the upfront cost for the GPS monitoring hardware and monthly service obligations do present a number of challenges for small towns such as Nicoma Park.

According to one news source, Nicoma Park would have to fork out roughly $25,000 for GPS vehicle tracking hardware and professional installation, and this would only meet the needs of six police cruisers an doesn’t include monthly data fees!

GPS distributor Tracking System Direct explained it could meet the needs of Nicoma Park at a fraction of the cost (under $2,500) provided by the original estimator, and believes that the city is likely inflating cost for pork spending.

News Source: Channel 9 News Oklahoma