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The second most populated city in the state of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh has long been recognized as a city associated with steel production. However, when the steel, metallurgy, and manufacturing industries began to shift and decline, Pittsburgh began changing the dynamics of its local economy. Today, Pittsburgh’s economy is much more diverse than the manufacturing hub it was once viewed as 20 years ago. Instead, the local economy is now powered by technology, tourism, healthcare, education, and finance. With approximately 10 fortune 500 companies being headquartered in the city, it is clear that Pittsburgh is still a very viable and growing city. However, many people may not be aware of how GPS tracking technology has helped play a role in the city’s revitalization process.

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According to a 2010 release by search engine giant Yahoo and money magazine Forbes, Pittsburgh was the most livable city in the entire United States. The city also ranked high on the world rankings. With great cultural areas, historic roots, job opportunities, and one of the more stable housing markets in the United States, it is easy to see why so many people are happy to call the steel city home. However, the city of Pittsburgh has had its fair share of downtimes, especially in the 1980s when the steel industry, the city then bread and butter, collapsed. Once Pittsburgh’s core economy moved away from steel and toward diversity in the 90s, the city began to see the benefit of GPS tracking devices.

GPS tracking systems are now playing a crucial role in the increase in production among businesses and industry, and no city understands this more than Pittsburgh. Not only do local Pittsburgh businesses use tracking devices similar to the SilverCloud GPS to boost fleet management operations, but the city also uses GPS personal trackers to ensure roads are being cleared by snowplows and that buses are making all their stops in a time-efficient fashion. Now, with the help of vehicle tracking GPS monitoring technology, the city of Pittsburgh is a completely networked, super-efficient model of production.

Anyone traveling through Pennsylvania should take a moment to catch a Pirates or Steelers game, a symphony at Heinz Hall, visit the Andy Warhol Museum, or the Pittsburgh Zoo. The city has an endless amount of activities and entertainment for the local Pittsburgh natives as well as tourists visiting the city for the first time. And with GPS tracking technology helping the city reach its highest potential, Pittsburgh will likely continue to grow and draw more tourists within its city walls.

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