Public Works To Use GPS Tracking

GPS Auto Tracking DevicesPublic Works all throughout the country are constantly looking at way to reduce overhead while boosting management efficiency. This is the reason many have invested in automobile tracking technology, and now the city of Portland, Maine is on that list of cities employing GPS tracking devices to track Public Works vehicles.

Portland city representatives stated that GPS auto tracking began looking like the best answer to solve numerous complaints from Portland residents the city received about inefficient snow plowing in the winter. They also added that GPS monitoring would be part of a broader plan to upgrade Portland city vehicles to boost efficiency for Public Works automobiles.

Portland Resident Complaints Result In GPS Tracking

The catalyst for the GPS auto tracking plan of Public Works vehicles started when a complaint was received by the city that a Public Works snow plower was working on a private driveway late in the evening. Naturally, city vehicles should not be plowing private drive ways so the city of Portland investigated the incident. Although Portland investigators found no wrong-doing they did begin to see the value GPS auto tracking could have for the city and therefore began taking the steps to employ the monitoring technology on all Public Works vehicles.

GPS Auto Tracking Benefits

The GPS monitoring systems will provide real-time locations of all plowing equipment which can be especially helpful during harsh storms or other emergency situations. The auto trackers will allow city officials to easily route and reroute vehicles at anytime, track mileage, check for safe driving activity and keep up on vehicle maintenance. However, the Town Manager, Stephen Burns, has went on the record to say it is important that the people of Portland realize that the use of GPS monitoring systems is to help the city be more efficient especially during big storms, and not to simply “spy” on city employees. Burns stated that Public Works employees out in the field during heavy snow storms put themselves in very dangerous situations and the use of GPS vehicle trackers will help reduce that risk.


Should all city vehicles be equipped with vehicle monitoring systems to boost efficiency and hold employees accountable, or is the monitoring technology crossing the privacy line?