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GPS Trackers In South Australia

Australian Police Assist Bomb Squad

Private investigators have been losing a lot of work due to the increase in personal surveillance gadgets that can essentially allow anyone to access the information they seek. From camera systems to audio recording equipment, gathering evidence for personal reasons has never been easier than in today’s technology-driven era.  However, when it comes to personal monitoring applications one of the most popular forms of sleuth gear is a piece of satellite-guided technology known as the GPS tracking system, and it’s because of a tracker that the bomb squad had to be called in front of a South Australian court.

What happened outside of an Adelaide court appeared to resemble something out of an action movie according to people at the scene of the incident. The commotion was sparked after a courier witnessed a strange man placing an unidentified device under an unoccupied automobile. What made the courier concerned was that the vehicle was parked in close proximity to a building that houses both district and supreme courts. Therefore, the bomb squad was called in immediately to investigate the matter.

When bomb squad members arrived they blocked off the area near where the unidentified object was seen and evacuated some people in nearby buildings. After following proper protocol and safety measures the bomb squad was able to determine that the suspicious item was nothing more than a GPS vehicle tracking unit placed near the wheel well of the Sedan reported. Once the tracker system was officially confirmed not to be an explosive device of any kind, people were allowed to return to normal activity.

When asked about the situation, police investigating the matter explained that they were going to contact the owner of the vehicle to help assist them in finding out who the unidentified man was and why he would have placed a live GPS tracker system on the vehicle. The authorities were also quick to praise the individual who contacted them to report the very suspicious activity, stating that it is with the help of the public reporting suspicious activity that results in an overall more safe community

The wheel well or undercarriage of a vehicle are two commonly popular placements where people will equip tracker devices. This is because the areas are easy to access and covert in nature. Parents of teenage drivers, businesses concerned about employee driving habits, and people suspecting a partner of cheating are all potential demographics of people who would use a GPS vehicle tracker covertly on an automobile.


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