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GPS Trackers In St. Joseph County

Tracking Device Assists Police

When police in St. Joseph County and the surrounding areas of Elkhart and Berrien began receiving numerous reports of burglaries they began to hone in on a 50-year-old man by the name of Darrell Vaughn. The police had probable cause to believe Vaughn was the person involved in the burglaries and with the help of a GPS vehicle tracking system they were able to build a case against the thief and put him behind bars.


As a person of interest for some time, St. Joseph County investigators decided the best way to build a case against Vaughn was through vehicle monitoring. Understanding that GPS vehicle monitoring technology had been employed successfully among police enforcement in burglary cases, St. Joseph County investigators asked a judge for a warrant so they could place a car tracker on Vaughn’s automobile. Unfortunately, the judge told St. Joseph County investigators that enough evidence wasn’t presented to justify probable cause. The request was denied. However, after building a stronger case and showing more evidence over the next few weeks that Vaughn could very well be the serial burglar, the warrant was applied for again and approved by the judge.

GPS Tracking Evidence

According to St. Joseph County investigators, Vaughn was responsible for a string of burglaries that went on for at least a few months. They felt the case hit a road block once the warrant they requested to track his vehicle was denied, but pushed through the adversity and eventually were able to track the vehicle with GPS. The vehicle tracker provided St. Joseph County investigators with detailed information about where Vaughn was going, how long he was at each location and more. In fact, the
St. Joseph County investigators stated the auto tracking unit provided the break they needed and was instrumental in the case the led to an arrest.

St. Joseph County investigators explained that Vaughn case was deeply important and even resulted in investigators working on holidays just so someone was available 24/7 to view the live GPS monitoring data.

After using the tracking unit to build evidence, police were also able to acquire a home warrant where a search of Vaughn’s property resulted in the recovery of various items reported stolen in the burglaries.

St. Joseph County investigators are still trying to determine whether Vaughn had committed the burglaries alone or worked with others. Regardless, homeowners throughout the region have said they feel a sense of relief knowing police have Vaughn behind bars whether or not he was the sole person responsible.

Vaughn is currently spending his time in a Elkhart jail while he awaits trial for a wide range of charges including theft, possession of a firearm, and burglary.

The charges are not the first for Vaughn who was also convicted of intimidation and domestic batter a year beforehand.


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