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GPS Tracking Aids Kansas Capital City

Most areas in Kansas sit in an area known as tornado alley, a region where weather conditions can sometimes create some of the most brutal and destructive weather Mother Nature has to offer. Although the city of Topeka was ravished by an F5 tornado on the Fujita scale in 1966, the city does not let twisters define what Topeka is all about. What has been defining the capital city of Kansas is business, and with the aid of GPS tracking systems the city will experience more economic growth and prosperity.


The driving force behind the local economy of Topeka is the great state of Kansas. Since Topeka holds the distinction and honor of being the state’s capital, the city has an abundance of government-related jobs, resulting in nearly 20% of the cities’ residents working in some form for the state. However, local businesses also help drive the economy with Westar Energy and BNSF Railway creating good jobs for approximately 2000 people in the Topeka area. With more emphasis shifting toward business development in the Topeka region, companies are finding that GPS tracking devices can provide an easy avenue to increase productivity.

The people of Topeka can utilize GPS monitoring technology for a variety of reasons, including:

    GPS tracking systems can aid search and rescue operations if another strong tornado were to devastate the area.
•    GPS auto tracking units can provide government employees a quick way to log tax-deductible mileage.
•    GPS systems can help Topeka Police in criminal investigations by providing a tool to conduct meticulous and accurate surveillance.

However, businesses operating in Topeka have the greatest to gain from the use of car fleet tracking systems. GPS monitoring systems such as the GPS Tracking Key or SilverCloud GPS are all tools used every day by companies large and small operating in Kansas. These little portable GPS monitoring solutions can do everything from recording places employees have been with accompanying time stamps, to alerting bosses when it’s time for vehicle maintenance. Not to mention, the business GPS trackers can network entire fleets of vehicles, making it easy to see route deliveries, or if drivers are not speeding.

Topeka may not be home to a large sporting franchise or be the greatest tourist attraction in the heartland, but with GPS monitoring systems helping the businesses in the area the city may be able to grow into an economic stronghold in both Kansas and throughout the heartland.

For product details and information on the different GPS monitoring systems available for businesses and consumers living in Kansas please contact one of our GPS Specialists at Tracking System Direct. GPS experts are available 7 days a week!

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