GPS Trackers In United States

GPS Tracking In The US

What Tracking System Is The Best?

The one thing great about working in the GPS tracking system industry is interacting and assisting a diverse customer base that stretches across the entire globe. Everyday we receive email and phone call inquiries about our sophisticated tracking devices from a cornucopia of people who live anywhere from the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Lithuania, Spain, France, South Africa and more. They contact us in search for the best monitoring solutions in the world. Tracking systems that can operate and function anywhere in the world, provide reliable data related to driving activity and that are not dependent upon cellular technology. They want the best and they find the best in a tracker that was developed and engineered here in the United States called the Flashback GPS.

The Flashback GPS is able to be the solution for international clients in need of a cost-effective, yet high quality monitoring device because of the system’s ability to work anywhere in the entire world. What makes this data logging system different from other tracking units is its ability to record data for extended periods of time without requiring a battery change. In fact, no other passive device even comes close to the GPS data loggers ability to record over 100 hours of wheels-in-motion driving time. Some other awesome features of the Pro include one-second tracking updates, detailed satellite image viewing, hard-wire capabilities and magnetic mount that gives the unit the ability for outside placement.

The Flashback GPS is the go-to tracker of numerous police and government agencies based in the United States, including the U.S. Border Patrol, Dept. of Defense, U.S. Forest Service, ATF, Dept. of Homeland Security and more. The tracking system is also very popular with businesses and consumers.

With everything the Flashback GPS can offer both casual and power users, it is easy to see why it constantly receives the highest marks among it’s users and industry gurus, making the tracking device one of the best GPS trackers in the United States.

International clients interested in learning more about the Pro can visit us online, send email inquiries or contact us via phone anytime.