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Winnipeg GPS Trackers

State-Of-The-Art Helicopter With GPS-Enabled Tracker

It appears that the city of Winnipeg has passed through what looked like the final hurdle in green lighting the purchase of a new police helicopter that is estimated to cost the city approximately 3.5 million dollars for the initial purchase, and another 1.5 million dollars in annual operating costs. The new helicopter will be used for law enforcement applications ranging from search-and-rescue operations to high-speed pursuits.

When the final votes came in they showed the proposal for the helicopter purchase passed through the city council overwhelmingly 14-2. The funds will also be used to pay for a new hangar that will be used to house the chopper as well as on board technological equipment that will include infrared cameras and GPS tracking systems.

The two council people who voted against the proposal were councilman Russ Wyatt and councilwoman Jenny Gerbasi. Gerbasi wanted to appropriate the funds toward other law enforcement initiatives, and Wyatt stated the money should be spent on something more visibly noticeable to the public such as additional police cruisers.

Although some local residents feel that the cost for the new police helicopter equipped with high-tech surveillance and GPS tracking features was unjustifiable, only time will tell if the city investment was a good one.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press