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GPS Trackers In Winston Salem North Carolina

GPS Tracking Vehicles In Winston-Salem

When it comes to automotive security one of the best tools on the market has been the GPS monitoring system. GPS monitoring systems provide a comprehensive vehicle management solution that allows real-time locational data, mileage accounting, and highly detailed information regarding driving activity. This is why it is not a surprise that the North Carolina city of Winston-Salem has moved forward with a plan to equip school buses with GPS bus tracking systems that will give parents and school district officials enhanced safety over students throughout Forsyth County.

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Tracking North Carolina School Buses With GPS

Child student safety is always at the forefront among administrators at school districts all across the country, and modern technology is providing solutions to help. Today, there are a number of different vehicle management tools that combine cellular, GPS, and other technologies to offer a comprehensive monitoring solution that enhances automotive security and safety. Winston-Salem school administrators were able to see the benefits of GPS car tracking units and after learning the technology could notify parents about potential bus delays or accidents it was clear that bus tracking was something that wanted to invest in.

According to statements made by a dispatcher for Winston-Salem school officials, the bus tracking units will track each bus in the district fleet as fast as every second. And with parents making phone calls to dispatchers frequently when delays do occur, officials are hoping the GPS tracking plan will reduce those unnecessary calls, boost safety and provide a better management system. In fact, parents will not ever need to call dispatchers to find out where a bus might be located because they can instead use an app called “Here Comes the Bus” that will provide bus locations in real-time.

The tracking app will give parents up-to-date information regarding bus locations which can be particularly helpful when weather is bad, something that often creates delays for bus drivers. Parents will also have the option to set geofences that will alert them via email or text message when a bus is getting close so students don’t have to sit outside in the cold or heat waiting. The bus tracking data will also document mileage and vehicle speed in detail so school officials can evaluate drivers to be certain they are taking the most efficient routes and driving safely overall.

The investment for the tracking app will be roughly $29.95 a year for parents who want to take advantage of the bus monitoring systems.

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