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Bus Companies Share GPS Info With Riders

Bus arrival/departure schedules are hardly concrete, ask any college student or mass transit bus passenger and they will attest to that statement. Whatever the root cause for the delays may be, traffic congestion, poor route management, mechanical issues and more, knowing if a bus will be on time is critical information for soon-to-be passengers. In a unique effort to offer real-time information about bus activity, some proactive and forward-thinking universities are turning to GPS tracking system technology to keep student passengers in the know.

“It would be nice to know if the college bus was going to be 10-15 minutes late because I could go grab a snack before class.”

“Some professors are not very understanding if a student is late because of bus transportation. Having a tool to validate claims of campus bus delays could help the situation.”

The comments above are from two different college students who utilize university transportation services, and who were interviewed by a GPS fleet tracking specialist at Tracking System Direct.

How GPS Tracking Is Helping College Student Bus Riders

We as a society are quickly moving into a much more tech-oriented global community. Most people now carry smartphones, tablets or laptop computers that offer Internet service/capabilities. This is a good thing because it gives people the tools necessary to access an assortment of data, including real-time GPS information being transmitted from a university bus equipped with a device such as the SilverCloud GPS.

When a university installs a GPS vehicle tracking system upon a college bus they have the option to publicly share the real-time location data with anyone. “Share Spot technology is awesome because it allows universities to place GPS location data on the college website, allowing any student to know exactly where their bus is at and if it is running on schedule”, explained a personal GPS tracking expert at TSD. “Students can go to the college website via a computer or their mobile phone and select the number of the bus they will be riding. This will then bring up an exact location and historical data of where the bus is at and has been. It’s an extraordinary technology that will revolutionize both public transportation and college bus systems across the nation.”

Another positive benefit of the use of GPS trackers is that security products also can increase driver accountability while offering a theft recovery solution.

Currently, USC and the University of Arizona are running some beta testing on the SilverCloud GPS tracker to evaluate how the technology works with the goal of offering a public sharing of GPS data among students.