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British PSA Clip Raises Concerns About Teen Driving

A British public service announcement video has caused a great deal of controversy over the graphic depiction of a horrific accident that occurs when a young teenage driver becomes too fixated on her cellular phone and steers her car into oncoming traffic. The teen driving video opens with a group of high-school girls driving and socializing when the teen driver operating the vehicle receives a text message from her friend which sets the stage for catastrophe. The video shows in vivid and gruesome detail what happens in a serious car accident as the girls get swung violently in the vehicle, crashing their heads into the windshield glass and more. The accident raises a serious question about teen driving that many parents are now asking themselves:

Could A GPS Tracking System Save My Teenager’s Life?

Although the video clearly faults cellular text messaging for the vehicle accident, one is left to believe that habitual text messaging drivers probably have poor driving records. This is an important fact because GPS tracking system devices can detect poor driving habits very early on, giving parents an effective way to monitor and mold driving behaviors.

Teen Driving: The Problem

Teen drivers tend to drive fast and pay attention less, creating a recipe for disaster. Obviously, text messaging while driving is a serious problem on its own, but if a teen driver is a habitual text message sender than more than likely they will also be a poor driver. That is where the GPS tracking technology comes in. A GPS car tracker is a simple device that’s only function is to record driving activity, regardless if its good or bad. Speeds traveled, routes driven, and stops made are only a few of the important details a GPS system will document.

The reason why the vehicle tracking devices are so effective in teen driving applications is that they provide parents the tools necessary to understand their son or daughter’s driving performance or skills.

GPS tracking systems supply parents an easy way to spot bad driving habits and correct them before they become fatal.

GPS Tracking Solution

As effective as teen GPS tracking systems are at illuminating poor driving habits they can only be effective if parents review the GPS tracking information and teach their kids the problems and consequences of unsafe driving. Text messaging while driving is a problem, but so is speeding, playing with a radio, or talking on the phone. Parents need to learn if their teen drivers are engaging in any of the problematic behaviors that could result in a disastrous ending.

Has your teenage so or daughter ever received a traffic violation or been involved in an accident?