Validating Fidelity With Technology

Tracking System Units Helping Suspicious Lovers


As more and more information is exposed about John Edwards and his affair with another woman, many people are asking themselves if it may be possible if their lover is 100% faithful. Elizabeth and John Edwards seemingly had a perfect and committed marriage, making the democratic politician appear very trustworthy and honest. His image was important, as it was one of the attributes that led many in his party to believe he could have been the next President of the United States. However the whole time John Edwards was projecting a wholesome, committed family man image, he was involved in a long-term affair with another woman. In fact, Edwards had a child with his mistress.

The Edwards’ situation showed that even people that appeared the most committed and faithful could still lie, cheat and deceive. With people all across the globe concerned about the security and fidelity of their relationship, many are investing in GPS tracking system technology to uncover all the locations a spouse or lover has traveled.

People like John Edwards are around us everyday. These are people who have little concern over the feelings and thoughts of the person they vowed to be faithful over a lifetime too. Making the situation even more appalling was that the affair continued and grew while Edwards’ wife was given a cancer diagnosis that would be terminal. With men and women everywhere unsure if they are being cheated on, many times they simply rely on their gut feeling. If this gut feeling suggests mistrust may be occurring, these people are now turning to the assistance of vehicle tracking technology.

Vehicle tracking devices such as the Flashback GPS and the original GPS Tracking Key give people suspecting something funny is going on a way to investigate gut feelings, internal concerns or suspicions. These concerned lovers can easily attach a car tracker to the outside metal frame of their lover’s vehicle, or toss the car tracker inside the automobile to record driving activity. What the car tracker will do is provide detailed reporting of stops made, addresses traveled to and more, allowing the concerned spouse or person in a relationship to know everywhere their significant other has been.

The reason why so many people concerned about their relationship are using car trackers such as the SilverCloud real-time GPS is because the monitoring systems can provide the truth. If Elizabeth Edwards had used GPS technology she may have uncovered John Edwards’ infidelity early on and terminated the marriage years ago. Now, the poor woman has to try and rebuild her personal life as she deals with a terminal illness.