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Getting Recommendations Has Become Easier With Google +1

GPS Tracking Co. Gives Customers Instant Access To Feedback

google1The fleet tracking experts at Tracking System Direct (TSD) have always maintained that one of the companies’ primary goals has been to offer a wide range of information related to GPS surveillance devices, while providing the absolute best customer experience. Enhancing the customer experience is no easy task that requires TSD to determine where potential shortcomings in information and communication are, and this is why customer feedback is so essential to the process. In an effort to gather the most detailed and accurate customer feedback in real-time, TSD has utilized social media to connect and stay connected with customers through avenues such as Facebook and Twitter. These online social portals offer customers and potential customers a forum to ask questions regarding vehicle tracking systems, and a way for them to provide instant feedback about their personal experience. All of the feedback and information acquired is taken very seriously, as it is viewed as the barometer of where TSD stands in the eyes of the public. Looking to build upon ways to better communicate with customers and the way customers communicate with each other, TSD will now begin using a Google +1 button that will allow visitors to the TSD corporate website to offer their stamp of approval.

What The Heck Is Google+1 ?

Sharing and organizing information in this new technology-driven era of society has become critical to everyone. People are no longer brainwashed by commercial advertisements, and instead are opting to get recommendations on a variety of things such as places to shop, cooking recipes or cool places to hang out via social media outlets. Google+1 helps take the concept of sharing information to the next level by allowing people to quickly and publicly state that they think something they found online is pretty cool and worth checking out. Google+1 essentially allows users to help themselves, friends, family members and personal contacts better determine what the best stuff online is in their opinions!

Privacy Is A Top Priority

Unlike many other popular social media websites that want to whore out personal information for marketing and advertising purposes at any given opportunity, Google+1 emphasizes privacy among its users. By empowering the user with the ability to adjust their personal visibility settings to anyway they see fit, Google +1 makes certain that a user’s posts and photos are shared among those pre-selected, not everyone online. Therefore, work colleagues can have access to the professional posts and photos, while the images of the user drinking whiskey and hanging out at the strip club can stay private among friends.

Making The Online Experience More Personal

Google has always sought to promote the most relevant sites according to their particular topic, and through the use of Google +1, people will be able to create their own personal and relevant online search. By clicking the Google+1 button set on a web-page, the user is basically saying that they believe that the site they have visited is cool, important and worth checking out. This recommendation is then stored on the user’s personal Google profile section where it can be instantly accessed by the user or shared among contacts. Therefore, the next time a person is surfing the web and comes across a cool website that they believe is pretty rad, the user only needs to click the blue Google+1 button to share that information and recommendation among their network. TSD believes that this will help customers, GPS enthusiasts and anyone interested in topics related to security products, explore and share the valuable content offered by the GPS tracking professionals at TSD.