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Tracking System Direct Unveils New Accessories!

Cigarette Lighter Adapters, Hard-Wire Cables & More

TrackingSystemDirectLogo.2For many years, customers have contacted Tracking System Direct (TSD) and requested that the company create an accessories section where people can browse and purchase a variety of items to help improve the functionality of the TSD inventory of GPS tracking systems. The requests were that TSD carry additional accessories such as cigarette lighter adapters, hard-wiring cables, replacement software discs and more. Looking to meet the needs of the customer and provide more vehicle tracking options for GPS tracking users, TSD is proud to announce the launch of a new GPS tracking accessories page that will offer a variety of items to improve GPS monitoring devices!

The new line of GPS tracking accessories offered by TSD include:

GPS Tracking Key Parts Kit:

Includes a variety of miscellaneous pieces to the famous passive system such as spare screws, exterior magnetic mount, rubber gaskets, USB cap and battery door piece.

GPS Tracking Key Pro Cigarette Lighter Adapter:

Allows people using the GPS Tracking Key Pro tracker the ability to power the car tracker via cigarette lighter port.

GPS Tracking Key Pro Wiring Cables:

Provides people using the Pro tracker the power cables necessary to permanently install the monitoring device.

GPS Tracking Past-Track Software:

Software that interprets and displays recorded data from the GPS Tracking Key and Pro version of the tracker.

Victoria Cigarette Lighter Adapter:

Accessory that allows user of the Victoria tracking system to draw power from the cigarette lighter port on a vehicle to extend batter-life.

Victoria Hard-Wire Kit:

Hard-wire kit that allows users to permanently install their live GPS tracking unit, resulting in the user never having to be concerned with battery-life ever again!

Victoria Extended Battery Pack With Case:

For those looking to enhance battery performance of the popular live tracker without hard-wiring the system to a vehicle, this accessory provides that option. What is even more impressive is that this accessory also comes included with the waterproof case with exterior magnetic mount that allows for easy outside placement.

Victoria Waterproof Case:

This rugged and durable case offers users of the popular live tracking solution the ability to connect the car tracker to the outside frame of a vehicle while protecting the car tracking unit from the elements

Anyone with questions about all of the new accessories offered from TSD can contact visit the new accessories page or contact a GPS tracking systems expert 7 days a week!