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GPS Tracking Air Conditioners

GPS Trackers For Air Conditioners – The #1 Way To Prevent AC Theft On Job Sites

Homebuilders and homeowners lose millions of dollars every year to theft. These thieves will enter a home without authorization and steal valuable appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, or refrigeration units. Homebuilders and homeowners can take additional security precautions by locking doors and installing state-of-the-art home security systems, but that may not prevent a motivated thief. These motivated thieves may not even need to enter the home to steal valuable appliances because almost every home air conditioning unit sits outside of the home, unprotected. Home security systems and even security guards cannot prevent thievery, but there is help available in the form of GPS tracking system technology.

GPS Tracker For Air Conditioning Unit

How Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices Work For AC Units

Asset GPS protection systems have led to the successful recovery of appliances throughout the country, saving people millions of dollars. This will likely continue as statistics show that appliance theft is only on the rise. In fact, many police departments from across the country are now showing how easy it is to catch air conditioning thieves through GPS monitoring technology. This is because real time GPS trackers can easily be hidden on AC units by police and when an air conditioning thief steals an AC unit an alert can be sent to law enforcement through a geofence feature. Therefore, police are instantly notified when an air conditioning system is moved, allowing the police to quickly catch someone stealing an AC unit from housing developments. 

For more information on hidden GPS trackers for air conditioners please click here.

Best Mini GPS Tracker For AC Unit Theft Prevention

GPS Tracker For Car

  • Waterproof With Powerful Magnet 
  • Set Geofence Alerts
  • Know Where Your AC Units Are 24/7


Home Air Conditioner Equipped With GPS Tracker


Real time GPS trackers are often used to provide theft-recovery solutions for vehicles or valuable assets. However, as the cost of the technology has declined, the market has opened up to a much larger market. This has allowed people interested in protecting appliances in a unique way to safeguard those expensive items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can HVAC GPS Tracking Help Prevent Air Conditioning Unit Theft?

HVAC GPS tracking devices can be installed on air conditioning units, allowing for real-time tracking of the unit’s location. This can help deter theft as well as provide a way to quickly recover stolen units. GPS tracking software can also provide alerts if the unit is moved without authorization or taken to an unauthorized location.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using GPS Tracking For HVAC Companies?

Using GPS tracking for HVAC companies can help with asset tracking, reducing fuel costs, and improving fleet management. GPS tracking software can also monitor driving habits, improving driver safety, and reducing the risk of accidents. Many HVAC GPS tracking solutions offer a money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Can GPS Tracking Be Used To Secretly Track Air Conditioning Units?

Yes, GPS tracking devices can be used to secretly track air conditioning units to protect them from theft. In fact, law enforcement and home builders routinely 

How Do GPS Asset Trackers For AC Units Work?

GPS trackers for air conditioning units work by using satellite technology to determine the unit’s location in real-time. The trackers can be discreetly installed on the unit and connected to GPS tracking software that allows the user to view the unit’s location and receive alerts if it is moved without authorization.

What Are Some Other Industries That Use GPS Tracking For Asset Management?

GPS tracking is commonly used in industries such as transportation and logistics, construction, law enforcement, and healthcare. It is used to track vehicles, trailers, boats, and other valuable assets. GPS tracking software can provide real-time tracking, location history, and driving behavior analysis for fleet management and theft prevention.

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