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GPS Tracking Al-Qaida Suspect

GPS Tracking Terrorists

Potential Sleeper Agent Awaits Trial

Mohamed Harkat, an Ottawa resident accused of having ties with international terrorist group al-Qaida, will return to a Canadian Federal court to face charges that he is a sleeper agent. Approximately 5 years ago a judge stated that Harkat posed a potential and significant threat to national security, but when the case reached the Canadian Supreme Court the judges reversed that decision saying that Harkat did not have the right to defend himself since he was being held basically as a war criminal. Currently being monitored via GPS tracking technology, Hakrat will go to court today where a hearing will commence over the next few weeks where it will be decided if it is fair and reasonable the justice system label him a terrorist and threat to national security.

The Canadian Security Intelligence service (CSIS) accused the Algerian born Hakrat of participating in extremist groups such as the Algerian GIA and Egyptian Islamic Group. The CSIS also states that Hakrat served as a soldier for the Taliban run Afghanistan government that supported al-Qaida.

Harkat, a pizza delivery man, has claimed he is innocent of all charges and hopes that the “justice system will prevail”. Hakrat is being monitored via GPS personal tracking technology, specifically a tracking system bracelet that allows law enforcement authorities to watch his every move in real-time.

Currently, the GPS tracking system recording Hakrat’s movements in real-time has not shown him engaging in any type of terrorist-type behavior.