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Are They Really Out There?

Since probably the beginning of time, people have looked out into the night sky and wondered if there was some other form of life living on other planets or stars. Adding to the belief many have that aliens and UFOs exist are the hundreds of accounts, stories, and sightings people from all across the globe people seem to have. Even credible news agencies such as Discovery and CNN have not been immune to publishing news stories regarding alien life and UFO visits, although these stories rarely make national headlines, sitting on the back page of the paper. However, a recent video that has gone viral has many believers feeling vindicated in their thoughts, as multiple cameras and witnesses caught an unidentified flying object hovering over one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock Temple. Our GPS tracking experts have come across the video and would like to get your thoughts on not only the video but if you believe that the U.S. government position stating that UFOs do not exist is far from the truth.

Many people believe that UFOs and advanced life forms are simply observing the way in which we treat our planet and each other, waiting to step in if things get too out of control. If UFOs and aliens do exist, we can all pretty much agree that their technology and intelligence levels are probably vastly superior to ours. I mean these guys are engaging in intergalactic travel? So if they wanted to cause us harm it seems logical that they could easily do so, but since the first documentation and encounters of UFOs recorded from Egyptian to Genghis Khan times, UFOs have not violently intruded on human lives.

Clearly, if alien life does exist and they are making attempts to observe or communicate with us, they have done a very good job of not making their presence completely known. However, some public perception and government policies have had an impact on the public’s ability to get truthful and accurate information. Thankfully, the Internet community has helped network and showcase evidence, as well as the much-anticipated wiki leaks cable that many believe has documentation regarding the existence of UFOS.

Do you believe that UFOs and alien life exist?

The Minister of Defense in Canada has openly stated that the US government needs to disclose the information they have regarding UFOs to the public, so do you believe the government is hiding something?

Do you believe the video above is real?

If aliens do exist, do you believe their intentions are good or evil?