GPS Tracking App Calculates Wind

wind alert GPS app

Mobile App For Wind Speed and Direction

Surfers, Wind Surfers & Paragliding Enthusiasts Rejoice

wind_alertThere are certain sports and hobbies that require people to factor in weather conditions. The same way a snowboarder checks mountain conditions before making a trip to the slope, many surfers, wind surfers and paragliding enthusiasts research wind conditions before they prepare to have a little fun doing what they do. In the past, accessing real-time wind conditions of various locations could be a tedious and time consuming process, but that has all changed thanks to a new iPhone app that uses the GPS tracking chip in a person’s mobile phone to showcase the wind conditions of local hot spots and places all across the globe.

What Is Wind Alert?

We now live in an era where there is essentially an app for everything a person can think of, therefore, it only seems natural to have a functional and user-friendly mobile app that has the ability to present real-time wind conditions on locations throughout the world. What the Wind Alert app can do is access information and data from over 38,000 weather stations and other sources such as CMAN, NWS Stations and NOAA buoys. After retrieving and analyzing the weather data, the Wind Alert app will present various weather forecasts, wind conditions and more of the user’s favorite spots. Localized searches can be done by entering a zip code, city, state, beach name, longitude & latitude position(s) or via “Search Nearby”, a feature that utilizes the GPS tracking chip inside the user’s iPhone to determine and present wind and weather conditions of nearby hot spots.

Who Would Benefit From The New Weather App

  1. Surfers
  2. Wind Surfing Enthusiasts
  3. Paragliding Hobbyists
  4. Sailors
  5. Fishermen
  6. Kite Surfers
  7. People Who Enjoy Kite Flying

Anyone interested in learning more about the Wind Alert app can visit the company website, or download the app from iTunes for free!

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