GPS Tracking App Problems

How do you deal with a secretive teenager?

GPS Tracker App Wrong Location

teens-with-cell-phonesOne of the more popular trends among parents of teenagers has been the application of GPS tracking teenagers via their cellular phones. With services such as Disney Mobile’s Family Locator, Chaperone Service from Verizon and Teen Arrive Alive from Nextel allowing parents to acquire a teen’s location, many parents are turning toward teen tracking as a way to improve safety. Although these cell phone apps may give concerned parents a slight sense of peace-of-mind, parents need to be aware of the problems associated with personal GPS tracking apps, and why an investment in a portable GPS teen tracking system is the best bet.

Although commercials and print advertisements may try and sell consumers or even businesses with the notion that a cellular phone app that uses GPS tracking can improve safety and accountability, real-time tracking apps for phones have many weaknesses. One of the major problems with cell phone tracking applications is that they can very easily be manipulated by a crafty teen. Accessing a cellular phone’s GPS chip is easy, but if that phone is powered off it is impossible. Therefore, a teen can simply turn their phone off right before they are ready to go to a rave or local part

Simply turning a cell phone off is one way a teen can stop a parent from accessing their location, but many times teens do not even need to do that because of the accuracy issues with cell phone tracking apps. Although cell phone tracking apps are marketed and sold as utilizing sophisticated satellite technology, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, position is calculated through a process known as cellular triangulation where cell phone towers are used to pinpoint location, not the Global Positioning System. Anyone who has ever had spotty cell service, a dropped call or any other anomaly involving their cell phone can understand how errors could easily occur. All of these factors have resulted in many of the people using cell phone tracking apps receiving inaccurate data that has shown a teen’s location miles away from the exact location.

Placing a portable and/or hard-wired version of GPS car tracking system solution upon the vehicle the teen operates is still widely recognized as the best and most accurate way to locate where a teen is at or where they have been, according to both GPS fleet management and personal safety experts.

Parents need to do research on the best monitoring solutions available if they are interested in acquiring a device that will allow them to improve teen safety through monitoring and management of driving habits. As cool and high-tech as many of the cell phone tracking apps may sound, the truth is they are more of a novelty and something you wouldn’t want to bank on in a real emergency situation. Not to mention, with so many other cost-effective solutions like the GPS Tracking Key available to parents, why not invest in the real thing?