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GPS Tracking Applications For Cellular Phones

Fake GPS App Failed To Detect Location

smartphoneSmart phone applications can be seen every where now with the apps ranging from social networking sites such as Facebook to games for people to play while they are waiting. Phone applications are quickly passing ring tones and other hardware-related items for phones as the most sought after accessories for cellular phones. The applications can be used for business or simply to kill sometime, but regardless of the user’s function their is no denying that they are taking over. However, what many consumers do not know is that some applications, such as GPS tracking apps, are all hype.

Businesses, law enforcement and everyday consumers look to vehicle tracking devices as a way to monitor driving activity. GPS tracking systems provide information that can be helpful to increase employee accountability, reduce teen speeding, or validate whether a spouse is going where they say they are going. However, with the increase in popularity of smart phones there has been an increase in consumers interested in GPS tracking apps.

But Do GPS Tracking Apps For Smart Phones Produce The Same Reliable And Accurate Results As Tracking Systems Designed Specifically For Vehicle Tracking?

App To Track Without Them Knowing

GPS tracking phone apps have one thing going for them and that is that they are very affordable. Unfortunately, consumers who purchase these GPS tracking apps to monitor teen driving or account for mileage driven by an employee will quickly find that they got what they paid for. GPS tracking phone apps have a strong tendency to be inaccurate because many use cellular triangulation to pinpoint position/location. GPS tracking phone apps are also dependent on cellular service, therefore, if you are in an area of weak or lost coverage good luck!

People looking for qualitative information and GPS tracking data that will show with high accuracy every stop a driver made, duration of stops, addresses arrived, etc should realize that phone GPS tracking apps lack the ability to gather that vital information. Phone GPS tracking apps may be the most cost-effective tracking option on the market, but they are very far from an adequate tracking solution.

Customers looking for a vehicle tracking solution that provides reliability, portability and simplicity should research passive GPS tracking devices such as the GPS Tracking Key. Although passive tracking systems are not as cheap as cellular phone apps they are more affordable than real-time tracking systems, making them the #1 selling GPS tracking devices for consumers on a budget. GPS tracking systems like the GPS Tracking Key give consumers the ability to accurately record a vehicle’s position every second without having to be dependent on cellular coverage. The GPS Tracking Key even has a global foot print, allowing the tracking system to record coordinates and routes traveled anywhere in the world!

When consumers do research on GPS tracking technology they will quickly find that GPS tracking apps for phones are all hype. When looking for a vehicle tracking solution go with the real thing, not the hype!