GPS Tracking Children

GPS Tracking Babies

GPS Trackers Could Help Babies

Personal Tracking Systems Give Parents Insurance

A recent story that has come out of Mexico has brought up the conversation about the ethics and the necessity of baby GPS tracking. Three doctors in Mexico were charged with running a scam where they would tell parents who recently delivered a baby that their newborn baby had died due to complications and their bodies were immediately cremated. The doctors would then would sell the newborn babies. After parents were told their children were dead and cremated the doctors running the scheme wouldn’t give the mother or father the child’s ashes or even a death certificate, raising red flags among many heart-broken parents.

This horrific situation has made many parents consider using real-time GPS tracking systems to monitor their newborns while they are resting in the hospital nursery.

Is GPS tracking the answer to baby theft and babies being switched at birth?

GPS Tracking Babies In Hospital

It is estimated that almost 20 newborn babies are stolen from hospitals every year, and the number of babies being switched at birth is drastically higher. Due to the number of baby thefts and switched babies, many parents are now reviewing personal GPS tracking technology as a way to protect their newborns. One concerned parent who commented on the issue stated, “I believe that hospital security is pretty good, but I would do anything in my power to protect my baby, even if that means using a GPS tracker“.

So could GPS tracking be an extra form of security for parents concerned about their newborn’s safety?

How Can I Track My Babies’ Location?

Concerned parents are always interested in the latest technological tools that can help improve child safety or offer parents alternative ways to keep tabs on a baby. Every new parent knows the feeling of having to check on a baby all the time to make certain he or she is safe, but parents do not have that ability while at work. While at work, parents must try and focus on their work activities, hoping that the nanny, babysitter or family member taking care of the baby is being responsible. With the economy still crawling along, both mothers and fathers are being forced to work in order to support a household. However, just because both parents are away from home working does not mean they cannot keep a digital on their baby. This is because real-time GPS tracking systems are offering parents a new and unique way to monitor their children.

Parents have used surveillance tools such as keystroke logger units to uncover what a teen is doing online, baby monitors to see if a toddler is sleeping or awake and GPS tracking systems to enhance baby safety. However, many parents have only just recently begun using GPS monitoring technology, once only used for fleet management applications, to help add an additional layer of security and protection to their baby.

Hidden GPS Tracker For Baby

Here is a scenario that is all too common with many families: Mom and dad are both working and have to hire a nanny to take care of the baby until the parents can get back from work, usually around 5:00 p.m. The nanny states that she takes the baby for a walk in the stroller every day around noon, but the parents really have no way to verify that the walk ever occurred, or what locations the nanny took the baby. By placing a real-time GPS tracking unit either inside the stroller or having the nanny keep the portable live tracker in their possession, both parents would then be able to have remote access to the location of their child throughout the workday. The parents could see where the baby and nanny are in the city by reviewing the GPS data that interfaces with a satellite image program and mom and dad could feel an additional sense of closeness to the baby. Not to mention, the parents could use the GPS data if an emergency ever occurred.

Looking to take child care beyond the 21st century, many parents are now seeing the benefits that technology can have in improving child safety. With so many parents already utilizing home cameras and various baby monitors, it is easy for many tech-savvy parents to realize the special abilities and skills GPS tracking systems can offer. Why wonder where your baby is at and where he/she has been when personal tracking systems designed for child tracking can provide you the answer at your fingertips?

Baby GPS Trackers: How They Would Work

A live GPS tracker can transmit the location of a baby in real-time, allowing parents to see that their child is safe and secure while resting in the nursery. For some babies who are ill,  longer stays in the nursery can be a common occurrence, potentially setting the stage for a baby switch or baby kidnapping. Although the statistics shouldn’t strike fear in parents, GPS tracking systems could give parents a little more protection.

If a newborn baby has a covert GPS tracking system in their clothing and was taken from the hospital nursery parents could easily locate their missing child. The real-time GPS trackers, such as the SpaceHawk GPS, cost around $199.99, but there really is no price you can place on your newborn’s security.

Tips Keeping Your Newborn Safe

Nancy Price, mother, and owner of Sheknows, worked at a hospital as a cuddler for many years and has seen baby theft first-hand. “Sadly, I have been around situations where a family had their newborn baby stolen or switched and the setting is heartbreaking”, Price said. Price has provided the following tips to help parents keep their newborn safe.

Before Birth Baby Tips

Expecting parents should take a tour of hospital grounds and meet staff so they know which faces are familiar. Parents should also ask nurses important questions about daily routines and more.

After The Birth Baby Tips

After a baby is born the mother and baby will receive matching identification bracelets. Parents should memorize these numbers to ensure they match. Also, as soon as the baby is born parents should make notes about the physical characteristics of the baby such as hair color and amount, body type, and length.

At Home Baby Tips

Neighbors and strangers will easily see that a person had a child when a lawn and home are cluttered with banners and decorations that say “It’s A Girl!”. Parents need to keep a close eye on the newborn at all times and be suspicious of anything unusual.

Source: UPI