GPS Tracking Bill Opinion


Tracking System Bill:

Is GPS Tracking The Solution?

domestic_violenceA television show called Good Morning America recently aired a story about how many states are now looking to utilize GPS tracking systems to monitor the movements of accused domestic violence offenders as a way to prevent repeat offenses and increase victim safety. The topic has raised a debate on whether or not a GPS tracking system program would present a viable solution to the serious issue of domestic violence.

The mother of Amanda Ross sadly knows the tragic consequences of domestic violence, for her daughter’s murder was a direct byproduct of domestic violence. She believes if a tracking system law were in place 5 years ago that her daughter’s life could have been saved.

Amanda Ross’ mother is not alone in her support for a nation-wide law that would require domestic violence offenders to be equipped with GPS tracking systems for an extended period of time the same way sexual predators are. Many people believe that GPS trackers would act as not only a deterrent to a potential repeat offense, but the GPS systems would provide law enforcement a way to monitor the offender’s moves 24/7, reducing any potential stalking behaviors.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and the current system does not provide victims enough safety. GPS tracking bracelets could reduce the probability of offenders engaging in the same type of negative behaviors that caused them to be placed in jail in the first place. If the tracking system technology has a proven track record with sex offenders then why not apply it to domestic violence offenders? As long as the offenders, not the taxpayers, are stuck with the bill for real-time GPS tracking service the bill could potentially save lives, and that is what is most important.

Their appears to be no downside to a tracking system bill.

Source: ABC News