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GPS Tracking Bowling Balls

A normal day at the bowling alley turned into frustration when Ryan Whitton, an amateur bowler from the Southern California area, left to wash his hands after a few practice games. “I finished up my third practice game and when I came back my bag and my Ebonite bowling ball was missing”, explained Whitton. Whitton stated that when he went to the front desk manager they told him an older gentleman was in the area Whitton was bowling, but could not say definitively if he took the bag. This left Whitton without a ball or a bag. Feeling upset about the situation, Whitton returned home and hopped online to research theft recovery tracking systems, believing a device that had GPS tracking system capabilities would be the solution to prevent future theft.

Ryan Whitton could remember the very first time he stepped into a bowling alley with his family. “I remember it as if it were yesterday”, stated Whitton. He explained the thrill he felt hitting his first strike, with the bumpers up of course, and the fun atmosphere of the bowling alley. “The bowling alley has always felt like a very safe place, and that is why I was so upset when my ball and bag were stolen”, he said. Determined to never have his belongings stolen again, Whitton found an affordable live GPS tracking system online called the GPS 54. “The GPS 54 tracking system seemed like the best solution for me because it was a real-time tracking device that made it easy to access the GPS tracking data.”, explained Whitton.

GPS Tracker Throws Strike On Crime

Whitton continued to play at the same Brunswick bowling alley in Murrieta, CA, and never had any problems until about 3 weeks ago. “The situation was very similar to the first incident, I finished up my last practice game and walked to the restroom to wash my hands, only to find my new bowling ball and bag missing when I came back”, Whitton said. Feeling confident that he would be able to quickly recover his missing belongings because of the real-time GPS 54 tracking system, Whitton placed a phone call to a friend who relayed the GPS tracking data. What the GPS tracking system data showed was that his belongings were still at the bowling alley. After looking around the area he was bowling in, Whitton went to the front desk where he discovered that a fellow bowler turned in his bag and bowling ball, thinking someone had left the items behind.

Whitton explained that even though a thief did steal his belongings this time he felt much more secure knowing that he could quickly recover the items with the real-time Victoria tracking system.

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