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How GPS Tracker Bracelets Are Helping Seniors

GPS_Bracelet3Maybe they frequently forget where they placed their car keys. Maybe they tell a story that happened years ago as if it happened yesterday. Or maybe they simply have difficultly finding their way home or recognizing familiar faces. Whatever the behavior may be family members tend to know when their senior loved ones are exhibiting some of the early signs associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This can be a very challenging time for both the seniors facing these challenges as well as the family members concerned with that seniors’ safety. Unfortunately, there is no cure for either dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but there is some mild relief for the senior in terms of care and medication. As for the family members, they are also finding some peace in GPS tracking bracelets for adults designed for personal monitoring and safety of seniors.

What Are Adult GPS Bracelets:

Adult tracking bracelets are essentially real-time tracker devices designed as wristwatches. The adult tracking bracelets provide live locational information for concerned family members curious where their senior loved ones are located at any given time, and the devices even have the capability to transmit alerts to those family members if a senior wanders off from any pre-designated safe zones. Another great feature of the tracking bracelets is a panic button that gives the seniors the ability to call out for help if they ever find themselves in a dangerous or life-threatening situation.

Family members with high-risk seniors with advanced stages of memory-related illness also have the option to purchase a senior bracelet with a locking band. This locking band feature makes it impossible for the senior to remove the device without the assistance of an on-site caregiver or family member.

Features Of Adult GPS Bracelets

  1. Real-Time GPS Location Of Seniors
  2. Locking Band Option
  3. Working Wristwatch
  4. Panic Button Safety Feature
  5. Virtual Boundary Alerts (Ideal For Wandering Seniors)
  6. Two-Way Voice (Allows Family To Speak With Senior)

Adult tracking bracelets provide family members and caregivers real-time access to where senior loved ones are located at a given time. This data can be life-saving information if a senior wanders out of their home or health care facility. In fact, there are over 30,000 reported incidents of senior wandering every single year, and estimates say the true number is likely closer to 120,000 per year since so many families do not make official police reports. More alarming is that research indicates that 60% of those with Alzheimer’s disease will wander, which would bring the statistics closer to 3,000,000! If all of these seniors were equipped with personal tracker devices in the form of a bracelet who knows how many would be located quickly and safely before tragedy strikes. GPS bracelets for adults could save both taxpayer money in the form of emergency resources not being required and most importantly the lives of seniors engaged in wandering. This is why the use of senior GPS systems will likely only increase over time.

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