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How GPS Tracking Can Help A Person With Alzheimer’s Live At Home

When it comes to health care one of the most important things for the patient is comfort. Having the ability to be in your own home, around your own cherished personal belongings, and even sleep in your own bed can really do wonders for the mental-health side of recovery and care. This is the reason so many families try to make arrangements to treat Alzheimer’s at home when their loved ones are battling the degenerative memory illness. Creating daily routine schedules, reducing distractions that could cause confusion, and involving the senior in activities and choices are all common strategies to help a person with Alzheimers’ live at home. However, one new type of technology is assisting senior safety through the process of personal GPS tracking. 

What Is A Personal GPS Tracker For Alzheimer’s?

One of the latest innovations to assist senior safety is a device known as the personal GPS tracker. Essentially, a personal GPS tracker is a GPS bracelet for Alzheimer patients that offers a number of features designed to help reduce wandering, provide real time updates on where a senior is located, and even offer a panic SOS button that a senior can activate if they are in distress. How the technology works is really simple:

  • Senior wears a non-removable tracking bracelet (or removable) 
  • Family members can view GPS tracking data transmitted from bracelet 
  • If senior wanders away from the home an email and/or text alert can be sent out to family members 
  • Concerned family members can then contact authorities or assist wandering senior 

What makes the GPS tracking bracelet for elderly persons unique is that multiple family members in different parts of the country can all view the real time data at the same time, any time. This is because online software allows the concerned family members to not only view where a senior with Alzheimer’s is located 24/7 but even program safety alerts like a geo-fence for the home. And for those wondering what a geo-fence is think of it like a virtual boundary family members can set around the home a person with Alzheimers lives in. If or when the senior walks outside the virtual boundary an immediate notification can be sent via email or text message to upwards of 100 different family members or important contacts. This feature alone can help families who constantly ask themselves how they can keep a wandering Alzheimer’s patient from getting lost. 

Best Senior Safety Devices

Thankfully, there are a number of excellent senior safety devices on the market that can assist families trying to help a senior loved one battling Alzheimer’s disease. Life alert bracelets, hidden home cameras, smart locks, and GPS tracking bracelets are all tools that can boost personal safety for seniors living at home. However, the most important thing a family concerned about elderly care can do is have open conversations, work together and maybe even research some of the technology products on the market designed to help make the situation a little bit easier. 

Information from this article was provided by Tracking System Direct.