GPS Tracking California Prisoners


Supreme Court Fails

Thousands Of Prisoners To Be Set Free In California

prisonMost people were aware that the state of California was going through a financial crisis, but nobody thought the state had completely lost its marbles until recently. What happened in California was unprecedented, as local courts ruled that nearly 50,000 prison inmates should be immediately released due to the unpleasant conditions caused from the overcrowded prison population. The ruling created outrage everywhere, but thankfully the case was moved up and reviewed the United States Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the high courts today failed miserably when they reaffirmed the local court decision, making it now only a matter of time before thousands of criminals are moved from state prisons to local prisons or even given freedom. Although it now appears the ball is in motion and nothing can be done to stop this mistake, GPS tracking systems could provide some relief to concerned citizens who are frightened over the possibility of a flood of convicted criminals being released in their towns and neighborhoods.

GPS trackers use sophisticated satellite monitoring technology to systematically catalogue and store information related to personal movements, making the surveillance tool ideal for observing the activity of a criminal on parole or who is released from jail for other reasons. Almost all states now require sex offenders to undergo mandatory monitoring via GPS tracking, and many states have adopted legislation that is also forcing those convicted of domestic violence to wear GPS bracelets. Although it has not been stated whether or not those who will be granted freedom from prison due to the “poor conditions” of the California corrections system will also be required to undergo GPS monitoring for a short duration of time, this GPS vehicle tracker expert believes that this is really the only way to make a terrible decision not look so incredibly foolish. “Regardless of a person’s own feelings are on this topic, at this stage the situation is what it is”, explained a representative for California fleet management company Tracking System Direct. “However, by requiring some of those freed prisoners to wear GPS tracking bracelets so police authorities can make certain the bad guys are not continuing to engage in criminal conduct, I personally believe that private citizens will at least be provided with some level of additional security and protection.”

There has been no statement from California authorities whether or not the use of security products such as GPS bracelets will be implemented to monitor those freed from this ruling.

“I can not imagine one person or community that feels safer knowing potentially thousands of hardened criminals will be walking the same streets where our children play simply due to the fact that our prison system is not comparative to a Holiday Inn or resort”, explained one California resident who had strong concerns about the release of prison inmates. This has been a common feeling among many people who believe prison should not be a pleasant experience, reducing the likelihood of the criminal committing the same offenses that landed them in the joint in the first place. If prison is made too comfortable and accommodating then is it really a punishment that will cultivate fear among citizens? The threat of prison is one of the ways that we maintain safety in our society, but if that threat is watered down then what will make a person choose the right decision when confronted with the opportunity to make a bad decision?

Do you think California is making the right decision by releasing prisoners due to overcrowding?

Although our society would never allow the same prison conditions as those in North Korean labor camps or Turkish prisons, should we at least create a mild atmosphere in our prison systems that is unpleasant and cold?

Source: SF Bay