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Should Court Require Mandatory GPS Tracking For Casey Anthony?

As the public heard tales of child molestation, kidnapping nannies, and wild parties while a young girl was missing, it was clear from the very beginning that this trial was unusual at best. The murder trial pinned Florida prosecutors against a young woman named Casey Anthony who was being charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and numerous counts of lying to police. After a long and emotional trial that brought to light some horrific details surrounding the death of a beautiful and innocent child named Caylee, yesterday the jury concluded their deliberation process and read the verdict that they agreed upon. Not guilty on all murder, manslaughter, and aggravated abuse charges, but guilty of lying to police. Since the mentally unstable woman has already spent nearly 3 years in prison she will likely be credited with time served and be released from prison in the very near future. Although the evidence in the Casey Anthony trial may not have had a clear smoking gun, it does not take a detective to know that there is much more to this story than meets the eye. Due to the unusual circumstances of this particular case, should the Florida courts require Casey Anthony to wear a GPS tracking system to monitor her movements once she is released from jail?

GPS monitoring devices are commonly used to monitor sex offenders and people with a record of domestic violence abuse, but sometimes the personal tracking systems are used for other unique circumstances. Anyone who has heard the facts of this case would easily proclaim that a woman who did not report her child missing for 31 days, who then began accusing her father of child molestation and who did numerous Google searches for words such as “chloroform” clearly has some skeletons in the closet. Although the state was unable to gather enough concrete evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony was guilty, all of the jury members would probably state that they believed the woman killed her child, but that there simply was not enough solid proof to result in a conviction. Now that Casey Anthony has already been found not guilty, should the unique circumstances of the case be taken into consideration, allowing the judge to bestow some form of punishment upon Casey once she undoubtedly walks out of jail for good?

Should Casey be allowed to walk away from a free woman and continue on with her life, having children, getting married, etc?

Did the prosecution not get the job done, or did the media simply spin this case to make Casey look like a murderer?

Did the family play a role in the death of Caylee?

Would you have a cup of coffee with Casey if you had the opportunity, and if so what would you ask her?

Sadly, when all is said and done we are left with nothing more than the death of an innocent girl. This case is now over, and justice will never be served for young Caylee who had her whole life ahead of her. Maybe she was simply too good for that horrible family, and that is why she had to depart from this Earth so early.