GPS Tracking Cell Phone Interface

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Can I Track My Vehicle With Cell Phone

Accessing Tracking Data While On The Go

GPS tracking systems that have the capability to transmit captured data allowing users to acquire information remotely are referred to as real-time or live tracking systems. Currently, there is an assortment of different live trackers on the market for consumers and businesses to select from, but the majority of these devices only allow the user to access data via personal computer. Although some GPS tracking users can get by just fine with observing data from their home or office computers, many others require instant access to their mobile assets or equipment that is secured with vehicle tracking technology. They require an avenue to observe satellite tracking data with their personal cellular phones, mobile communication devices or tablets. With fleet managers, police agencies, and consumers with auto-theft prevention need all demand a tracker whose data can be accessed via smartphone systems, Tracking System Direct partnered up with Chicago-based LandAirSea Systems to offer a live monitoring solution called the SilverCloud GPS that makes the process of viewing real-time tracking data simple

Cell Phone Vehicle Tracker With Android & iPhone

What makes the SilverCloud GPS tracker special compared to the other GPS tracking solutions on the market is that the system web interface was designed to work flawlessly on mobile phones. “Most companies who manufacturer GPS systems do not create an interface that is functional from the application of mobile phone access, while many others require the user to pay an additional cost for an iPhone or smartphone app”, explained a business GPS tracking specialist for California-based Tracking System Direct. “Our customers demanded a user-friendly way to access their personal tracking system data via iPhone, droid phone, tablet and essentially every other form of the mobile communication device. We certainly wanted to meet our customer’s reasonable demands, and do so without making them pay for an additional mobile app. With the release of the SilverCloud, users now have the ability to access their GPS tracking device data with essentially any mobile communication device with Internet capabilities.”

Notable SilverCloud Features

  • Compact Housing Makes It Easy For Concealment
  • Multiple Data Plans That All Offer Unlimited Continuous Tracking
  • Hardwire Power Option
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter Power Option
  • Various Activity & Text Reporting Features
  • Unlimited Historical Data Storage
  • Speed Alert Feature
  • Geo-Fence Alert Feature

Tracking System Direct has created an online demo that can be accessed by anyone with a personal computer or smartphone anytime. For a personal virtual tour of what the SilverCloud can do, interested users can contact a specialist for a one-on-one free demonstration.

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